amazing food pairings

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These unusual food combinations will rekindle a newfound love for kitchen favourites like peanut butter and yogurt. Plus, they combine the power of healthy foods to give you a double dose of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients – all in one snack! Read on to be inspired by these amazing food pairings.


1. Chilli powder and Fruits

Chopped tropical fruits with a squeeze of lime, a pinch of salt, black pepper and chilli powder makes a really healthy homemade fruit rojak.

Every Singaporean will love this local twist on a bowl of chopped fruits as this recipe really takes care of your fruit intake, especially when you are tired of munching on fruits without an extra kick. Just be cautious of how much salt you are sprinkling on these fruits.




2. Avocado and Dark Chocolate

avocado dark chocolate mousse

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This wacky sweet treat consists of a ripe avocado and… dark chocolate. For a quick chocolate fix, toss a peeled avocado, ¼ cup cocoa powder, roughly ½ cup melted dark chocolate syrup and a splash of honey into a blender.

That is all you need for a decadent chocolate mousse that serves two. The antioxidant powers of dark chocolate add a rich depth to the healthy fat that the avocado provides. It’s a double win!


3. Mango and Wholemeal Bread

Yes, you read that right. Mango and wholemeal bread make a surprisingly filling two-ingredient sandwich that can be prepared within minutes.

Mango’s naturally sweet pulp makes it an excellent substitute for fruit jam that’s free from chemicals and preservatives. Simply slice a mango and mash its pulp for a sweet and tantalising bread spread.

We are sure this sunny sandwich will beat your Monday blues while satisfying your taste buds with its excellent fruity taste.


4. Dates and Peanut Butter

dates fruit

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If you have not tried dates and peanut butter yet, you are seriously missing out. The rich and sweet flesh of the dates pair surprisingly well with salty and toasty peanut butter.

Simply cut up a few dates into two slices and fill the hollow curve of each slice with a tiny dollop of unsweetened peanut butter. This chewy, bite-sized snack contains lots of fibre whilst the peanut butter adds to its protein content.

Enjoy these in moderation as dates are as heavy in calories as they are in minerals.


5. Sweet Potato and Yogurt

sweet potatoes

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Boiled sweet potato cubes in a bowl of yogurt is an easy snack or side dish that checks off both your healthy carbohydrates and protein requirements.

This unexpected combination will blow your mind away with its superior taste, as the tangy yogurt brings out the sweetness of the sweet potato for an ultimate mouthful of goodness.

This healthy snack will keep you full for long with its high fibre content.


6. Green Tea and Orange

Mmm, the fabulous mixture of green tea and sweet, pulpy orange creates a zesty and tantalising drink. Blend a cup of iced green tea, an orange and a dollop of honey – and you’re done.

In sunny Singapore, this thirst-quencher honestly sounds like everything we need. The fusion gives you antioxidant benefits from green tea as well as a strong dose of vitamin C from the juicy orange. Plus, the fibre from the orange makes this drink extra filling.

Healthy can be delicious too!


7. Seaweed and Hummus


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Seaweed makes a healthy snack as this leafy green provides you with zinc, magnesium and iron.

That is, if you opt for unprocessed and un-fried variations of this low-calorie snack. Spread some hummus on top of it and boom, this thin and crispy sheet becomes a satiating snack!

Hummus is packed with protein, fibre and healthy fat. A little hummus on the sheet of seaweed also adds an interesting twist to salted and crunchy seaweed.


8. Oats and Milk Coffee

Now, here’s something to do with your morning cup of coffee. Pour it into your bowl of cereal or oatmeal. This way, you can get your jolt of caffeine while enjoying your breakfast, instead of sipping on the beverage for 30 minutes.

Coffee with milk adds a creamy dimension to your cup of grains while the coffee gives an interesting kick, making sure every bite of oatmeal wakes you up.


9. Pineapple and Chicken

chicken and pineapple

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You may pick out the pineapple chunks on your pizza, but best believe that this fruit might be the perfect addition to your plate of chicken.

Roasted or pan-fried chicken can be leveled up with thick slabs of pineapple. Lightly salt a slice of pineapple before placing it on top of a juicy piece of chicken.

This mouthwatering combination will blow your mind, thanks to how well the tangy and juicy pineapple adds a zesty burst of flavour to your chicken.

This article was originally published in Shape.