DOYOGAWITHME.COM – Most user-friendly site

There’s a wide collection of videos – most of them free and available in high definition – taught by experienced instructors. You can jump straight to the Beginners section to get started, or sort through the videos based on difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced); class length (from under 20 minutes, to hour-long routines); yoga style (Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin yoga); or by instructors. I particularly like that some videos are shot outdoors, like by the beach, which adds to the overall sense of relaxation and restoration. If you really like a particular video, you can also pay to download it for offline use – it’s as cheap as C$3 for an audio file to C$9 for a high-res 1080p version that’s suitable for viewing on large screens.

There’s a lot more to explore besides video instructions of yoga routines – this is hands down the most comprehensive resource for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. The Yoga Poses section drills down on how to get a particular pose right, and you can even narrow your search in this section based on the body part or type of pose (inversions, twists etc.) you want to focus. There’s a glossary to look up common yoga terms too, and if you’re into meditation, there are also podcasts available to guide you into relaxation.

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BEMOREYOGIC.COM – Great for outdoor yoga videos

Register for a free account, and you’ll be all set to go. Although the site has paid subscriptions, the content from the library of free videos should more than suffice. The videos are generally shot outdoors, so you’ll get an eyeful of stunning locations the likes of Provence, France, and Andalusia, Spain! Like, the content here can be filtered by yoga style (Ashtanga, Vinyasa or even prenatal yoga), level, duration, and instructor. Do note that the super short videos (under 5 minutes) are generally tutorials for specific poses, rather than a full-blown routine.

Besides the regular assortment of yoga routines, there are other helpful videos like “Yoga for Runners – Post Run” and “Yoga Tips for Flights”. I found it helpful that the Yoga for Beginners series is meaningfully segmented by types of poses – think sun salutations or standing postures, for instance – which makes it easier for newbies to get the basics right.

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YOGAJOURNAL.COM – For embracing the yoga way of life

Since its founding in 1975, Yoga Journal has become what’s arguably the most established magazine dedicated to all things yoga, and its website is a treasure trove of info for practitioners across all levels.

Although the Videos section on the website claims to sort the content by level and style, I found things to be a bit jumbled up. So here’s my advice: If you consider yourself fairly familiar with yoga, there’ll be no problem diving into the wide range of videos on the main site, but if you’re really new to yoga, you’re better off heading straight to their Youtube channel, which puts the beginner-friendly videos within easier reach.

If you’re ready to take on yoga as a life approach and progress from seeing it merely as a form of exercise, there’s no lack of helpful tips and stories on Besides wellness topics like tips on how to use essential oils and healthy recipes, there are Yoga 101 primers that shed light on common yoga terms and concepts like chakras, and even articles with a philosophical bent, discussing matters such as how to cope with failure.

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