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Alright ladies, it’s time to get down to business. We’re more than halfway through February, which means some of you might may have slackened off your “new year new me” weight-loss goals. Happily, we’re here to whip you back into that bodycon-ready bod.

That being said, we know how repetitive the “eat less (junk!), exercise more” message can get. And yes, we know: The run around the park can be just as boring. Which is why, in true #lifesavingBFF style, we’ve got some unconventional ways to help you torch those calories – all without realising it!

1. Explore the country

Being a tourist in your own country might seem odd to a homegrown local, especially since our little city-state is just that – little. Yet the one thing that’s constant in Singapore is that it’s constantly changing. A cafe one day, an indie bar the next. The best part about this? You won’t realise the effort you’re putting in! Whether it’s rediscovering the trails of Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve or checking out new malls in the heartland of Singapore you, you’ll be too absorbed in your surroundings to notice the effort.

2. Go ice skating

Mention “ice skating” and you’ll get one of two responses: General excitement followed by the rallying cry to make plans, or a scoff and a dismissive eye-roll because “Ice skating? In Singapore?!” Whichever your sentiment, we’re all united by the idea of burning calories, which is exactly what ice skating does. Depending on how long and vigourously you skate, you can burn anywhere between 250 to 810 calories in one hour. Wait! It gets better: The cold environment, no matter how artificial, increases your metabolism rate too. Now you can jump to making those ice skating plans.

3. Splash around

Yes, we know how counter-intuitive this seems. A swimsuit? When you’ve yet to firm up those muscles? Forget your self-consciousness. Throw on that swimsuit anyway and rush over to Adventure Cove or Wild Wild Wet. Running from ride to ride will work those calories, and the added resistance of running and waddling through shallow pools causes you to burn additional energy. Even going to a neighbourhood swimming pool to do laps for 30 minutes can bring about more results than jogging for the same duration. Focus on having fun, and before you know it, those love handles will be non-existent!

Image: My Make OU / 123rf

4. Just Dance

Zumba came and lingered, but not everyone enjoys jumping around with sweaty strangers while a ridiculously fit instructor jovially shouts the beat as if no one else is dying from exhaustion. That’s why we’ve got this gaming alternative. Get the Nintendo Wii out and invite some friends over for a “Just Dance” session. You’ll get to rock out to your favourite tunes with some of your favourite people. A bonus? Some of the moves are hilariously awkward, which means doubling over with laughter, which translates into some extra calories burned!

As for those of you without gaming consoles? Create your own party. No one’s stopping you from blasting your own tunes and jumping around your room. Some sound advice from experience, though: Be sure to draw the curtains. 

5. Self-defence

This option packs a double punch; picking up self-defence imparts a useful new skill while engaging your entire body. What does this mean? You’ll be able to take down an assailant while looking incredible with your killer new bod. Even though Singapore has always been a safe city, a woman can never be too prepared. And while you’re busy keeping yourself safe, you’ll be training those arm, leg and core muscles. We recommend taking up mixed martial arts or muay thai for the best mix of cardio and killer skills. 

6. Sleep

We saved the best for last. Singaporeans are a sleep-deprived lot. Whether it’s because we’re overworked, or our night scene is simply too exciting, we don’t get the seven to nine hours that’s generally recommended for an adult. What this translates into is higher ghrelin and lower leptin levels, resulting in the tendency to over-eat . There’s a whole science behind it but what all this means is: Get more sleep. Your body and your waistline will thank you for it.

And there you have it. Fun, simple ways to trim those excess fats. Now however, we’re off to sleep. It’s all in the name of health and weight loss, after all!