The Chinese New Year period is the perfect time to take stock of your spending habits and figure out how to save more. And the easiest way to achieve this is to spend smart. You won’t even have to make any drastic life changes, just follow these five useful tips.


Cut unnecessary spending

Whether it’s the three cappuccinos you have every day or that gym membership you’re paying for when you’ve only stepped into the place twice, stop buying things you can do without. You don’t have to cut out all your indulgences, perhaps limit yourself to one cup of swanky coffee a day or a meal in a fancy restaurant once a month, instead of once a week.


Don’t rush any financial decisions

Whether it’s a home loan, a new washing machine or your annual holiday, don’t go with the first offer you come across. Shop around when you’re making ‘big’ purchases and always ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.


Control credit card spending

Follow this simple rule – if you can’t afford to pay cash for it now, don’t buy it. But, if you must purchase things on credit, make sure you’re getting the most out of your card. Get one with the best rewards programme so you’ll either get cash back or points that can be used to claim for items like flights. Also, always pay your credit card bill in full each month as the interest rates are very high.



Do things that benefit you in more than one way. For example, fill your fuel tank at Caltex. Its petrol stations deliver a hassle-free experience to get people back on their journey quickly and smoothly, so you’ll have more time and energy to do what matters most to you. And the fuel itself is a value-for-money premium: Caltex with Techron® fuels are proven to keep your vital engine parts clean, resulting in maximised power, improved fuel economy, lower emissions, and reliable performance. The added Clean & Glide Technology™ provides an effective control of friction within the engines thus protecting your engine while you drive. So you’re doing more than just filling your petrol tank, you’re actually looking after your car’s health too.


Be rewarded for your purchases

When you’re buying necessities, get some benefits from your spending. Caltex’s partnership with loyalty programme Plus! gives customers access to Singapore’s largest consumer rewards programme. Once you’re a member, you’ll earn LinkPoints from fuel purchases as well as daily purchases from heartland local retailers to renowned global brands, both online and offline. Enjoy special deals from more than 1,100 Plus! partner outlets, earn LinkPoints when you shop at a variety of merchants (such as FairPrice and Courts), and redeem LinkPoints for rewards or as instant rebates to offset purchases. Purchase a Plus! card at $10 for a one-time membership fee at any Caltex service station and you’ll also receive $10 worth of Caltex fuel vouchers.


Ring in your best Chinese New Year with Caltex

Spend $50 nett with your Plus! card (until 28 February) and stand to win great prizes with Caltex’s Sure-Win Fortune Cookies. Each customer receives one fortune cookie per transaction (regardless of spend); crack it open and the slip inside will tell you what you’ve won. 

Prizes include fuel vouchers, LinkPoints, car grooming packages, grocery coupons and spring cleaning service sessions. One of the most exciting prizes up for grabs is the 5★ Chore Assistance – simply name a CNY chore and Caltex will fulfil it for you, be it queuing for that famous Lim Chee Guan bak kwa, those legendary pineapple tarts from Crystal Jade or even those kumquat trees for an added dose of good fortune.

For more information on the Plus! programme, log on to–programme.html

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