Melon seeds
One handful (30g): 167 calories,14.2g fat

Bak kwa
One slice (75g): 301 calories, 10.3g fat

Love letter
1 roll (13g): 56 calories,1.5g fat

Pineapple tart
One piece (20g): 93 calories,3.6g fat

Kueh bangkit
One piece (4g): 15 calories, 0.4g fat

Mandarin Orange
One whole (120g): 39 calories,0.3g fat

Kueh lapis
One slice (48g): 237 calories, 18.4g fat

Prawn roll
One piece (4.5g): 23 calories,1.4g fat

Nian gao
One slice (55g): 127 calories, 0.27g fat

Prawn keropok
One piece (7g): 30 calories, 0.7g fat

Here are 8 tips on how to snack responsibly.

1. Do not go visiting on an empty stomach. Eat a proper meal before visiting to prevent the munchies from attacking.

2. Prioritise your favourite snacks and stick to eating only the top three, rather than trying every snack served.

3. Select your treats and put them in a small bowl and eat only those. Do not refill.

4. Savour every mouthful by chewing slowly.

5. Plan to visit houses in the same area on the same day and try to walk from place to place to burn some calories.

6. Opt for healthier snacks such as Mandarin oranges. If you must snack on high-calorie items, choose those without nuts, chocolate or other extra toppings.

7. Watch out for empty calories in sugar-laden soft drinks. Choose water or sugar-free tea instead.

8. Remember to socialise. Stay away from the food tables and focus your energy on catching up with your loved ones.