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Couple workouts are all the rage on the ’gram. They’re fun, a great way to spend time with your guy, and best of all, are easy to do even if you’re both at different fitness levels. We got the pros at Fitness First to create workouts that help you feel the burn, and the love, too.



1. The step-squat-jump

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This works: Your glutes

How: Stand facing each other, two arms’ lengths apart. Step to the side, and do a lunge. Step back, and do a squat. Then jump back up to standing position. Repeat, mirroring each other. If you’re not breaking a sweat, speed up.


2. The reverse lunge

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This works: Your core and legs

How: Stand facing each other, and clasp each other’s hands. Make sure that your arms are outstretched and not bent – this will provide extra resistance to keep your core super engaged. Mirror each other as you do lunges in tandem. Repeat.


3. The partner see-saw

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This works: Your shoulders, glutes and legs

How: Stand facing each other, with each person holding one end of a resistance band. Stand at a distance so that the band is stretched taut. As you squat, your guy raises his arms over his head, stretching the band in a diagonal line. Both of you alternate between arm raises and squats. Repeat.



4. The wheelbarrow

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This works: Your core, shoulders, chest, triceps, and quads

How: First, get into push-up position. Your man gets behind you and lifts your legs up by your ankles, so only your palms touch the floor. As you do one push-up, he does a squat. Switch when you’re tired and repeat.


5. The sandbag catch

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This works: Your upper back and neck muscles… plus your reaction time

How: Stand facing each other approximately an arm’s width apart. Grab a sandbag weighing 4-6kg in one hand, do a squat, then toss it to your guy. He then squats before catching the sandbag with one hand. Keep switching the arm you catch the sandbag with. Repeat.



6. The push-up and tuck-kick

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This works: Your arms, triceps, chest and core. It also gives you better hip mobility.

How: Get into a push-up position (or rest your knees on the ground if a full push-up isn’t an option). Your man gets into a sit-up position adjacent to you (so you form an L shape together), with his feet directly under your torso. Bracing his hands behind him, he lifts his feet slightly off the floor. As you sink into a push-up, he tucks his legs up and stretches them out over your back. As you straighten your arms and return to your original position, he moves his feet back under your torso. Repeat, and switch roles for maximum benefits.


7. Sit-up and pike

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This works: your lower back

How: He lies flat on his back, arms outstretched. You move into plank position, with your hands grasping his shins and your legs supported by his hands. Moving in unison, he does a sit-up while you do a pike (crunching 90 degrees into an L shape). Repeat.


Know your levels

The gym is an unfamiliar place to you. These exercises ease you in by mostly utilising your body weight.

You work out once a week. To build strength, these exercises incorporate a resistance band and a weighted sandbag (both available at sports stores).

You’re a gym bunny at the ready. But don’t attempt this set of exercises if you and your partner don’t have strong core muscles and shoulders.


To see two bonus workouts, watch the video below: 




Workouts created by Travis Ho and Nurliyana Jasmani, instructors at Fitness First, One Raffles Quay.

This article was first published in the October 2017 issue of Her World magazine.