The rise of Instagram has meant we have every excuse to show off our OOTD, our beautifully-presented meals and all other things we enjoy in life. But it has also breathed new life into the square 1:1 photo ratio and made us fall in love with that photo format.

Fujifilm is bringing that love of photography from social media into real prints, to share the joy of the tangible feeling of holding a physical print. It’s the ideal way to share your special moments, by squaring your memories in print. As our photography needs change, Fujifilm’s instant products have evolved with the times too.


Its latest offering, the Fujifilm Instax SQUARE SQ6 camera ($219), is the best yet. It has an automatic exposure adjustment function that detects the ambient brightness and adjusts to the optimum shutter speed and flash light intensity when the shutter button is pressed. This means that, even in a dark room, subjects and the background can be shot vividly and clearly.


The macro mode is perfect for shooting from a close range of 30-50cm, while the landscape mode is ideal for long-range shooting from a minimum of 2m. Let your creative side shine with the Double Exposure mode – press the shutter twice to capture artistic shots with two images in the same print. Plus, group photos are made easier with the self-timer function.

Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror allows you to check the capture area of your selfie in a mirror next to the lens. Selfie Mode also automatically adjusts brightness and focal length to the ideal level of capturing selfies so you’ll never take a bad selfie again.


Give your photos a fun touch with the SQUARE films ($18.90), which are available in white and black; add the black frame to emphasise the vividness and contrast of your photos.


The Instax SQ6 camera is available in three stylish colours – pearl white, blush gold and graphite grey – so pick the one that best suits your personality. Also included are three strobe colour filters, which can be attached to the flash to create unique tinted images.

It’s also the perfect accessory for any outfit – just drape it around your neck and go forth and explore the best photo opportunities. It’s also easy to take photos of your OOTD or anything else you fancy and give the prints to your friends for inspiration, or as personalised gifts to your loved ones. However you decide to use it, the Instax SQ6 camera is an excellent way to go back to basics to print your memories and create keepsakes that last a lifetime.


Also available is the Instax SQUARE SQ10 camera ($499, available in black and white), a hybrid instant camera that allows users to shoot with the composition suitable for the 1:1 aspect ratio, to create prints using the editing/processing function. Choose between various shooting modes and creative image-processing functions to fully express yourself and your subject.


The Instax SHARE SP3 printer ($329, available in black and white) adds sophistication to every print, thanks to its square format’s retro look. Its high-speed printing feature means your photos are printed in high resolution of 318 dpi within 13 seconds. Plus, the printing noise is lower, which makes the printing experience more enjoyable. You can also add text to printed photos for the ultimate in personalisation, or print up to nine photos on one sheet, using the Collage template.