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We all have days where we never seem completely full and we just want to eat for the entire day. Days like this make it hard to stick to our diets and we end up being hard on ourselves. What we don’t realize, however, is the mistakes we’re unknowingly making in our day-to-day activities that’s actually making us eat more than usual.

If you find yourself snacking or eating more even when you’re not very hungry, it’s more likely that these eight reasons are the cause of it. 


1. People around you eating unhealthy

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If your friends are munching on a bag of your all-time favourite sour cream and onion chips, it will probably break your perseverance to avoid junk. Smelling and seeing people dig into unhealthy items like burger and fries may tempt you to order the same.

To avoid this, you will need a strong dose of willpower, with a side of letting your friends and family know about your healthy diet, so they can be more conscious of what they put in front of you.




2. Scrolling through your Instagram

scrolling through Instagram

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Looking through your social media networks throughout the day means that you have definitely scrolled through multiple food posts.

Even if you are not craving the plate cheesy loaded fries your friend just posted, these images register in your subconscious and may sneak out as a full-fledged craving eventually.

To avoid this, follow more accounts that promote clean eating and yes, unfollow your favourite foodie accounts.


3. Keeping your snacks close by

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Store the snacks you have at home in your kitchen pantry, or in the drawers.

Keeping them in plain sight on your dining table almost always means that you will conveniently reach over for a pack of cookies when you start feeling a little hungry.


4. Being in a good mood

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Feeling over the moon is fantastic for your mental wellbeing, but be sure to keep your physical health in check too.

As being in a good mood causes a happy neurochemical response in your mind, you may feel inclined to binge on ice cream to prolong that happy state of mind.


5. Crash dieting

crash dieting

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Restricting your calories severely may work out well during the duration of your diet, but all your efforts will be wiped out after it ends.

This is because when you reduce your calories significantly, your body registers it as starvation and switches to survival mode. It is not a healthy state for your body to be in, so avoid crash dieting altogether.


6. Premenstrual syndrome


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Premenstrual syndrome sends our hormones out of whack, causing us to feel moody, hungry and stressed.

Unfortunately, these three symptoms are the perfect recipe for a late-night binge. If eating your feelings away every month is putting you off your diet, here is how to avoid overeating during your period.


7. Not getting enough sleep


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If you do not feel well-rested, reaching out for high-caloric items is your body’s way of gaining energy.

If you cannot seem to stop munching on snacks throughout the day, try hitting the sack earlier to improve your mood and energy.


8. Intense workouts

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Into CrossFit and boxing? These are great workouts, but not if your offset the 800 calories you burnt in the gym with a cheat meal at your favourite cafe.

As intense exercises use up a lot of energy, be sure to load up with plenty of protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fat after classes.

This article was originally published in Shape.