easy ways to boost your mood

Image: Showbit

It’s normal to go through a slump at some point of the day – or for a few days sometimes. Whether you’re snowed under with work or have relationship issues, there are times when you just aren’t in the best of moods. Here are some quick ways to lift your mood, some even in just a matter of minutes. 

Do A Good Deed
When you do something to help others, you’ll also end up feeling happier with yourself. Whether it’s just helping a friend with an errand, donating blood or signing up for voluntary work, helping others helps yourself too. Volunteering makes you feel better as it increases empathy and you’ll end up appreciating what you have more. While doing charitable tasks isn’t meant to be done expecting anything in return, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it to get a sense of pleasure too. 

Sing It!
Whether it’s in the shower, in front of the bedroom mirror with a hairbrush or while you’re driving to work, sing along to your favourite tunes or whatever is on the radio at that point in time. Singing boosts your mood and, especially if you do it when nobody’s watching, you lose all your inhibitions and just let go and relax. Go on and throw in a few dance moves too, we won’t judge.

Smell That
Keep a fragrant candle or diffuser in your office or home at all times, in case of a ‘mood emergency’. Orange and lavender scents work best to calm you so always keep those in stock. It’ll make you feel less anxious and relax you, in just a few minutes. 

Let The Light In
Sunlight is an excellent and natural mood lifter. You don’t have to be outdoors under the sun – and we certainly wouldn’t expect you to, with our scorching weather – to reap its benefits either. Open your bedroom curtains and let in some light as soon as you wake up, have breakfast near a window with lots of daylight every morning and, if your office has windows, open the blinds and work with some light streaming in. If your office doesn’t have windows, go for a walk outside for a few minutes if you’re feeling down.

Have A Laugh
Whether it’s watching funny videos on YouTube for just a few minutes or going for a fun night out with the girls, try to laugh as often as possible. Laughter really is the best medicine and it will automatically lift your mood, no matter what has tickled you. For the best outcome, make sure they’re proper belly laughs. 

Get Your Omega On
Foods rich in omega-3 fats have been shown to improve your mood and you’ll find them in oily fish like salmon and sardines. The easiest way to get your omega-3 fix is by snacking on some walnuts. Keep a pack of them in your desk drawer at work for a quick mood fix.

Photo Shop
Looking through old photos could give you an instant lift so take out those old albums – or look through your phone – and flip through them. Relive happy childhood days or recent enjoyable vacations to put a smile on your face. And put a photo frame on your desk with a photo of a happy memory in it and look at it every time you need a mood boost. 

Hug It Out
A quick hug will increase your levels of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. So cuddle up with your partner or get a hug from a friend or colleague. Just don’t hug a random stranger in the street. Or your boss.