signs your body is dehydrated


If you’ve had a meal in the last three hours but still find yourself hungry, chances are it’s just your body mistaking thirst for hunger. Have a glass of water before getting yourself more food to see if your body was really just dehydrated. Sometimes, a good way to avoid overeating is to have a glass of water about half an hour before your meal, and make sure you drink water consistently throughout the day to avoid odd cravings.  



When your body is dehydrated, your mouth may produce less saliva than usual. And your mouth actually needs that saliva production for its antibacterial properties that prevent a buildup of bacteria which can bring about some terribly bad breath.



When you’re in a cold and dry country, it’s natural to find yourself needing more lip balm to keep your lips from drying out. While we live in the tropics, it’s easy to get dehydrated with how much we perspire and then sit in air-conditioned malls and offices the other half of the time. If your lips are feeling dry, it’s very likely that you’re in need of some internal hydration.



When your body isn’t getting the fluids it needs, it begins to have some trouble functioning at its peak. You begin to feel sluggish, have trouble concentrating, and just have low energy levels in general. Keeping your body hydrated is crucial to energy levels and overall health. You don’t have to rely on eight glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated. Fruits and vegetables also provide a decent amount of your body’s fluid needs.



While not the most pleasant thing, consider the colour of your pee a handy guide to the level of hydration in your body. When you’re keeping well-hydrated, it gets lighter and lighter to the point of going clear. When you’re in serious need of water, it tends to get quite dark. I’d consider this the most obvious indicator of your hydration levels, because it’s more quantifiable than the rest.



You know the headaches you get when hungover? They’re also largely brought about by dehydration in your body caused by a night of drinking and accelerated fluid loss. Your brain can also experience a loss in fluids, and this apparently causes it to shrink, pulling away from the skull, which triggers a headache. If you wake up from a nap or a night of drinking with a pounding headache, your first solution should always be a nice big glass of water.


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