Running is truly your happy pill. Photos: Polar

1. Running makes you alert and happy

The runner’s high is no joke. Running, like other intense physical activities, boosts the release of endorphins which make you feel happy and ready to take on anything. Research has consistently shown that running improves your energy levels and helps to fight fatigue. That’s why high achievers always prefer to work out first thing in the morning. Try scheduling a run before you start the day. It’s going to be more effective than your morning cuppa in keeping you charged!

2. Running increases your metabolism

You know that exercise burns calories. And when done regularly, you’ll torch more calories even at rest. Think of your running routine as a sure-win investment: Put in 30 minutes of running every day, and you’ll enjoy the slimming benefits for long after!

Did you know: Depending on your fitness goals, there are more effective ways to run. If you’re looking to lose fat, train at an easy intensity where your heart rate is 60 to 70 per cent of its maximum. That’s when fat burn is optimised. To track your heart rate, strap on the Polar M200 GPS Running Watch as it offers accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring.

Running opens you to a world of adventures.

3. Running lets you gain fresh perspectives

With legs as your propellers, you’re free to explore your surroundings. Hit the park connectors for a safe and scenic journey. Or conquer meandering trails in a nature park if adventure is your thing. Running outdoors is also a great way to sightsee when you’re travelling. In a foreign country, ask your hotel or friendly locals for recommendations on where to run. Be amazed by what you’ll discover along routes that tour guides don’t show you!

While you’re busy charting new territory, it helps to wear a tracking device. The Polar M200 GPS Running Watch provides key metrics such as pace, distance and altitude via its built-in GPS. Post-run, you’ll be able to view your route on the free Polar Flow app.

4. Running keeps your heart healthy

The most widely documented benefit of running has to be this: It strengthens your heart. Studies have shown that runners tend to have a lower resting heart rate and a higher capacity for oxygen consumption compared to non-runners. This means runners’ hearts are more efficient and capable of pumping a larger volume per beat. In the long run, runners have a lower risk of heart disease and related problems, one of the leading causes of death.

Besides logging your training stats, the Polar M200 GPS Running Watch also functions as an all-day activity tracker, monitoring your steps, burned calories, sleep time and sleep quality.

Running brings out the best in you.

5. Running trains your mental focus

Most of the time, you don’t know what you’re made of until you put yourself to test. The same goes for running. You will feel tired during the run, but be surprised by how far you can go if you put your mind to it. Say, if you’re aiming to cover 3km, shoot for an additional kilometre if you’ve passed the 3km mark and still feel good. #YOLO!

Thinking of joining a race? Download the free Polar Flow app. It has smart coaching features that will offer you a personalised and adaptive training plan, whether you’re looking to do 5km, 10km, a half marathon or a full marathon. And if you own the Polar M200 GPS running watch, it’s as good as having a running coach 24/7. Before and during a training session, receive motivating feedback on how to improve your running performance and progress.

Comfortable and stylish, the Polar M200 GPS Running Watch has changeable bands that come in various colours.

The Polar M200 GPS Running Watch ($219) comes with small/medium and medium/large changeable wristbands, available in red or black. Changeable wristbands are sold separately and available in white, blue, yellow, red and black.

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