If you often feel tired and don’t have the motivation to do anything, you need an injection of energy. Instead of reaching for sugary drinks, here are five ways you can boost your energy – some even instantly!

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Getting some fresh air while exercising gives you more benefits than just exercising in a gym. Sunshine and fresh air stimulate your energy levels so go for a run in the park or sign up for outdoor   yoga or pilates sessions. For even better results, do an outdoor workout session during your lunch break, so you’ll avoid the mid-afternoon slump that you know is going to hit you.

A short nap – between 10 and 20 minutes – is an ideal way to refresh your mind and tackle the rest of the day. Don’t nap any longer though as it will affect your sleep schedule and make you feel worse in the long run.

Instead of reaching for your caffeine fix first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water. Even mild dehydration can make you feel sluggish and sleepy so start your day fresh with water. And keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, infuse it with some fruits or vegetables, which will give you a vitamin boost too.

Having a good laugh is an easy way to relieve stress which, in turn, will give you more energy too. So whether it’s a night out with your girlfriends, watching your favourite Will Ferrell movie or just watching videos on YouTube (limit this to a few minutes at a time though), get some laughter into your day.

Face it, nobody feels energetic when their body aches and their brain is muddled with too many things. For a quick energy boost during the work day, do some stretches at your desk. Amongst other benefits, stretching reduces muscle tension, which lowers stress levels and gives you more energy.

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