Tea has been described as a superfood and it’s not surprising as it has tons of health benefits and no calories – as long as you’re not adding milk and sugar. But with literally thousands of varieties to choose from, what should you be drinking for top results? Here’s our pick of the best. Cheers!

4 top teas you should be drinking for weight loss, better skin and good health DECOR 1

This has been lauded as the king of teas, and with good reason too. Green tea contains the most potent form of flavonoids, known as ECGC, which help fight free radicals that contribute to serious health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. It also helps reduce the chance of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, improves your cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of stroke. And it’s an ideal drink for weight loss as it helps to burn fat. For best results, have at least three cups a day.

This is what you should be drinking if you’re looking to drop some pounds as it’s full of catechins, which boost your body’s metabolic rate. Oolong tea also helps soothe chronic skin conditions such as eczema and helps strengthen your bones and teeth. And if you’re diabetic, drinking oolong tea helps to regulate the amount of blood sugar and insulin in your bloodstream, so as to reduce spikes in blood sugar that many diabetics suffer from.

4 top teas you should be drinking for weight loss, better skin and good health DECOR 2

If healthy skin is your top priority, ingest a fair amount of this herbal tea. It relieves dry and patchy skin – and rashes and acne too – thanks to its flavonoids, which help inhibit free radicals. And, once your skin is protected from the damage caused by free radicals, you can wave goodbye to premature aging and have youthful skin for longer. Chamomile tea also keeps your muscles relaxed; two or three cups a day help soothe the muscle spasms caused by menstrual cramps.

Drink peppermint tea for a more efficient digestive system; it helps move gas through your body, therefore avoiding bloating and stomach discomfort. It’s also ideal if you suffer from constipation, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome. The herbal tea boosts your immune system so if everyone around you is getting a cold, have a few cups of peppermint tea to fight off illness. It’s caffeine free, so it’s advised to have a cup before bed, also because the natural sedative nature of menthol relaxes you. Best of all, it helps in weight loss in a very simple way – the aroma of peppermint curbs your appetite so you’ll reduce your food intake.