4 easy diet hacks to try today text new

Image: Cover Media

Good news! Losing weight isn’t all about putting in more hours at the gym and only eating salads. While upping exercise and being clever with your diet WILL help you shed the pounds, researchers from Cambridge have come up with some tips and tricks to help you along with your body goals.

Go small or go home

Using a smaller plate will mean less food piled on. The academics found that by reducing crockery size, the amount of food consumed is also reduced. In fact, they found that a whole 159 calories could be cut with this simple swap.

Two for one

It’s common knowledge that downing a glass of water before you eat curbs appetite, but the Cambridge team say upping this to two glasses will perfectly keep hunger at bay for your main meal. Also, make sure you’re sipping H2O all through the day, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Don’t let it get to the point where you down a glass of the clear stuff because you forgot to keep hydrated. Keep a glass on your desk and fill it up whenever it’s empty.

Courgetti your Spaghetti

If you haven’t got a spiralizer yet, what diet rock have you been hiding under? This nifty gadget turns your veg into spirals that could be mistaken for spaghetti. Courgette works particularly well for this. Add a pasta sauce, and even a sprinkling of cheese, for a low carb version of your fave pasta dishes.

Start with a starter

When dining out, treat yourself to a starter. The only catch is, make sure it’s one full of veggies – think soups or salads. Filling up this way means you won’t feel ravaged by hunger when it comes to your main, and you’ll eat slower, which will give your brain time to realise when you’re full. As soon as you are, stop eating. — Cover Media

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