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Squeezing into a sports bra can be a real pain, literally. And with boob sizes getting bigger, getting the right support matters. We got real women (they’re all super active, and wear a 36D and up) to test-drive the most bounce-proof, and easy-to-wear sports bras.



Under Armour – Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra, $89

Image: Under Armour

Just putting on your sports bra can sometimes feel like a major workout, so this one – with its front-zip – gets major props for eliminating the struggle. Plus, you can count on maximum support and comfort. Really, what’s not to like?

  • Maximum support: Thick adjustable criss-cross straps sit firmly on the shoulders without cutting into skin, and allow free movement. An open back = good ventilation too
  • Zippered front: No more struggling to pull your bra over your head and chest
  • Moulded cups: The structured, lightly padded cups give serious coverage and comfort without exerting soul-crushing force
  • Secure elastic underband: The hem stays flat against your body, so you won’t have to worry about the dreaded underboob

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Nike – Pro Hero Bra, $109

Image: Nike

The moulded cups – no underwires in sight – stop jiggling without digging into your skin, while the padded, adjustable straps prevent the bra from hurting your shoulders. It comes with a hook-and-eye clasp on the back, so it’s super easy to put on. The under-band is tight, and felt secure. Narrow straps give surprisingly good support.



Lorna Jane – Xenta Sports Bra, $104.90

Image: Lorna Jane

Modestly-endowed girls love strutting around in their activewear, even if they’re not necessarily being active. But any girl with big boobs can attest to how hard it is to find a good-looking sports bras that feels good enough to just run errands in. So when we chanced on this pretty pink number – which is soft, comfortable and has a back clasp for easy removal, let’s just say we jumped. (And our boobs stayed put.)



Lululemon – Fast Times Bra, $108

Image: Lululemon

A bra that keeps the goods in place is a great find. But this one goes above and beyond. Keys, credit cards, cash, you name it, they fit. Slip them down the front pockets of this bra, and go for your run. One of our testers even tucked her iPhone 6 in – and was impressed to find that it didn’t impede her movements.

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