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Romantic and dramatic shots shot behind the CBD, the beach and a rustic setting. Casually fun snaps that won’t look out of place at a regular family album. Interesting angles that add pizzazz to pictures (think snaps in a moving car in a tunnel, a tug-of-war game at a bus stop), here, several Pinterest-worthy ideas from some of our real couples.

Eileen Keng and Dean Yik relived their carefree childhood days and got unexpectedly sweet and quirky pictures! Photography: Kelvin/Lightedpixels (6474-6556).


Wendy Lee and Arthur Tan paired an elaborate ballgown and dapper suit in a rustic setting, which adds classic charm to this romantic visual. Photography: Jeffrey/Chris Ling International Photographers (6220-5600).


Eileen Keng and Dean Yik only needed balloons, the beautiful city skyline, and their love for this charming shot.Photography: Kelvin/Lightedpixels (6474-6556).

Karen Seah and Gabriel Tay inject fun into otherwise formulaic photos with eclectic venues and amusing poses.Photography: Kris Wong (8228-4830). 

Melissa Choo and Zack Pay’s album was filled with candid poses and bright smiles, which are the stuff of memorable moments.Photography: Chris Ling International Photographers (6220-5600).

If you’re a car aficionado, take a leaf out of Wendy Lee and Arthur Tan’s book and flaunt your ride, especially if it’s close to your heart. Photography: Jeffrey/Chris Ling International Photographers (6220-5600).

This article was first published in Her World Brides June – August 2013.