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PHOTO: Her World Brides March 2014

Hair & Makeup

  • Bring lots of wet wipes and tissues to blot off perspiration.
  • Have a makeup case handy for quick touch-ups or our makeup artist there to help patch the makeup melt.
  • Keep makeup light so that if it does melt,it won’t get too streaky.
  • Have an up-do — it looks neater and you won’t have hair clinging everywhere when you perspire.
  • Keep hair accessories simple and delicate, like a jewelled hairband or fresh flowers. It’s easier for you to move around without worrying if it will stay in place.


  • Choose light weight fabrics like chiffon — you’ll feel cooler.
  • Avoid any fabrics that cling as soon as you start perspiring, e.g. silk or linen.
  • Opt for A-line cuts or slightly flared gowns. They allow you to move freely
  • Keep gowns as fuss-free as possible. Even a short train can hamper your movements.
  • Do opt for casual-chic slip dresses that will reflect your outdoor wedding mood. Play with colour or print.


  • Outdoor weddings always seem cheery, so it’s nice to have colourful bouquets to add to the mood.
  • Opt for flowers that take heat well, e.g. sunflowers or gerberas — your bouquet won’t wilt too quickly then.
  • Keep your bouquet light and simple. It’s easier to manage when you’re busy trying to negotiate a natural path. 


Photo Ops

  • See how you can maximise your outdoor location for the best photos. Scenic views or a garden are great and free backdrops.
  • Because an outdoor background is already pretty, get friends to snap extra shots. You’ll have to more spontaneous pictures.
  • Do more than just posed pictures. Candid, behind-the-scenes types of pictures also make for lovely memories.


Prep tips

  • Bring a small battery operated fan, paper fans or an umbrella to beat the heat.
  • Bring water. You don’t want to faint from dehydration.
  • Wear comfy shoes. Heels shouldn’t be too thin or they’ll be uncomfortable.
  • Keep jewellery light and dainty, so you won’t feel “too heavy” in the heat.


This article was first published in Her World Brides December 2001 to February 2002.