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Will wedding bells be ringing for Charlene Choi, 36, and her boyfriend, known in the media as the ‘billionaire mahjong hall prince’ at the end of this year?

After playing bridesmaid to bandmate and close friend Gillian Chung at her wedding last year, their roles may be reversed soon, reported Hong Kong media.

Charlene’s boyfriend is “rich third generation” Anthony Shi, the son of Shi Jian Hui, dubbed the “King of Mahjong Halls”. The elder Shi is reportedly worth billions, which explains his son’s moniker. 

If the reports are to be believed, it will be the second marriage for Charlene, who was briefly married to Hong Kong singer Ronald Cheng before they divorced in 2010.

Charlene and Anthony reportedly began dating in 2017, following her break-up with singer-actor William Chan in 2015.

According to Eastweek magazine, the couple have blended well into each others’ families and social circles. Anthony’s family, in particular, is said to dote on Charlene.

Rumours of the couple’s impending nuptials have been swirling since late last year, with latest reports pushing it to the top of Weibo’s trending topics today (March 7).

The wedding is said to be held at the end of the year as Charlene will be busy with several film projects till then.

However, in its reply to media on Thursday, her management agency Emperor Group has denied reports of the impending nuptials, stating that they are “not true”. 

This article was first published in AsiaOne Singapore.