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Call her Mrs Li, because Rainie Yang has signed on the dotted line.

In July, the Taiwanese singer-actress said yes to Chinese singer Li Ronghao and on Tuesday (Sept 17), photos surfaced of the lovebirds collecting their marriage certificate at a government building in Hefei, China, leading many to speculate that they had tied the knot.



❤️ 祝福我們收到了 謝謝

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The 35-year-old even maintained that she prefers to have a low-key wedding and people shouldn’t expect it to be the event of the century. In fact, she revealed the three things that she won’t be having at her wedding — flower girls, bridesmaids and the tossing of the bridal bouquet.

Oh, and there won’t be an island wedding either.

She even took the opportunity to tease her good friend, Taiwanese-American singer Wilber Pan, who had previously volunteered to be her bridesmaid and said: “You can forget about it, Wilber!”



It’s no secret that the couple have kept their relationship details close to their vest but since the cat is out of the bag, she doesn’t see a need to deny it because it’s a “happy affair”. She was also aware that someone was taking photos of them and tried to stop it.

She said: “When we were collecting our marriage license, we saw someone discreetly taking photos. We tried to stop it and I thought that he had deleted all the photos. Who knew they still kept some?”

“I also had no intention to make such a public announcement but since this is a happy affair, there’s no need to deny it,” Rainie added.



Rainie and Ronghao spotted getting their marriage license at Hefei, China. PHOTO: Weibo

Rainie also said that this wasn’t an impulsive decision and revealed that Sept 17 happened to be a date when they were both available. She explained that there is a lot of preparation needed to obtain a marriage license in Taiwan and China, with a total of 11 steps in the process.

The couple have only just completed the third step, so technically, she’s still single.

Will she be holding her banquet next year then?

The singer replied: “I really don’t have an idea about these things yet. It probably won’t be in Taipei or Beijing. We don’t have much friends or family, it’s going to be really simple.”

It was also reported that the couple will still maintain the status quo with regard to their living situation. The pair lives apart with Rainie in Taipei and Ronghao in Beijing, but despite the distance, Rainie sweetly described their relationship as “secure and stable”.

Rainie will be performing in Singapore on Nov 9 and more details can be found here.

Who knows? You might even get a special guest in the form of her hubby, Li Ronghao.

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