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How did you meet?

We met at university in 2010 and were friends for two years before officially dating. 

What was your proposal like?

Tzu Wei proposed to me in Seoul when we were on vacation! On the pretext of meeting his Korean colleague, we made our way to Haneul Park and he proposed at sunset.

A photographer was hired to capture the moment, and Tzu Wei prepared a video with our family and friends in it, as well as a timeline of our relationship – which was hilarious.

After more than four years together, it felt so unreal that we were taking this step forward and I got really emotional. 

“I wanted a bouquet which had red and peach tones with lots of green in it as I thought it would look really romantic and beautiful. My florist did an awesome job in nailing it!”

“There wasn’t a theme but we kept to a simple palette of wine, navy, grey and peach for our decor and outfits.” 

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration!

We had three events in a day – starting with the morning gatecrash, followed by an outdoor solemnisation ceremony and lastly, a banquet for 240 guests.

A delish plethora of desserts and snacks were laid out for guests to enjoy after the solemnisation ceremony.

Share with us your wedding gown search! 

After browsing through Pinterest, I was drawn towards A-line and mermaid gowns. My solemnisation gown was a mermaid design from The Prelude Bridal with gorgeous scallop lace details, pearl straps and a low back.

I also customised an A-line gown with an illusion V-back for my morning festivities, and opted for a more conservative choice for my banquet – a blue ballgown with sheer sleeves and embellishments – both of which are from Lacebridge. 

What was the most memorable part?

I felt nervous before the walk-in, but my dad reassured and guided me down the aisle. Tzu Wei teared when my dad told him it was now his responsibility to take care of me.

Our vows were exchanged with cracked voices and tears. 

How did you decide on your venue?

I had always wanted an outdoor ceremony and Hotel Fort Canning’s venues fit the bill of what we were looking for – including their Grand Marquee, an alternative to the hotel ballroom.

 “I feel so blessed and thankful to be able to find this person who loves me the way I am, and whom I love very dearly as well.” – Jocina    

Highlights during the banquet?

During our banquet, there was a segment in which our guests were asked to take an online quiz about Tzu Wei and I.

The top three winners walked away with vouchers, and we heard from our family and friends that they enjoyed the segment very much.

Gifts to their parents.

How did you feel after the wedding?

We were looking forward to our honeymoon trip after the big day was over, especially Tzu Wei, as he had to be the one liaising with the hotel management and handling all the queries during the wedding, while I was doing my hair and makeup the whole time (laughs). 

Any tips for brides-to-be? 

There are definitely things that will go wrong or have to be changed along the way. But the most important thing is knowing that you picked the right person to spend your life with.

And that’s all that matters; knowing you’re marrying the person you love and who loves you back. 

Wedding Checklist

Hotel Fort Canning (6559-6769)

A-line gown & evening gown: Lacebridge (; mermaid gown: The Prelude Bridal (; suits: Alex Tailor Bangkok

Hair & Makeup
Zihan Ng (9233-9058)

Bloc Memoire Photography (

Florals by MC (

Sugar Thieves (

Wedding Styling
The Wild Child (

Special thanks to
To our friends for being the emcees, my older sister and friends for being our musicians during the solemnisation ceremony, my dear friend Bernice Ng, who designed our wedding invitation, and our bridal party and family for all the help rendered!