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How did you meet?

We met at a Christmas party in 2012. It was love at first sight for me. I even wrote a song for Janan but he took some time to warm up to me [laughs]. We only started dating in 2014 before he proposed to me in 2018. 

What was your proposal like? 

Janan had the ring for about two years before the proposal. It took place on my birthday (because he knew I would not expect something so cliche from him) while we were at his family home at Gold Coast. 

He proposed to me by the jetty while I was feeding bread to the ducks. When he went down on one knee and asked for my hand, I was so stunned, I burst out in tears.

The first few things I remember saying was how I had ugly footwear on (socks and sandals!), and that my hands were still holding the bread so I couldn’t put on the ring! It was quite hilarious. Janan, while laughing, told me that it was okay to put the bread down. 

He even activated his best friend to capture the entire proposal in video with a drone. When I heard the noise of the drone, right after I said yes, I thought a swarm of bees were coming toward us and I was ready to run for my life [laughs].

Ugly footwear and bread in hand aside, it was quite magical because swans appeared as well. Janan was very surprised because they had never seen swans there even though they’ve had the house for ten years.  

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration! 

The wedding was very whimsical and intimate. We wanted the celebration to be extraordinary and quirky; even a little over the top if I may say! The theme and decor were inspired by the Alice in Wonderland-esque ambience of The White Rabbit. 

Both Janan and my mother-in-law are in the advertising trade and their motto for the wedding was that they did not want to do anything that has been done before. She did such an amazing job! 

I think everyone present were very happy and touched that day because they have waited five years for us to tie the knot.

They also knew that we’ve really been through a lot so they were excited to celebrate us and our union! 

Down the rabbit hole, so to speak! Many of the props were specially designed and customised for the wedding. 

A setting inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s garden tea party.

The place settings featured adorable garden motifs in the bright hues of red, blue and green. 

A canopy of foliage and blooms took centre stage for their vows exchange.

The bridal car was a vintage Volkswagon beetle that was covered in a coat of sky blue and floral stickers.

What were some of the highlights? 

Seeing Janan at the aisle waiting for me just felt really surreal.

The whole thing happened so quickly and it was just so overwhelming with my mother walking me down the aisle and the love of my life right in front of me.

I can’t even begin to describe because there were just so many emotions inside. 

The walk-in moment to their dinner celebration that was held at Janan’s home later in the evening.

Any post-wedding thoughts?

Everything just flowed together so well and although many couples shared that things do go wrong on wedding days, ours was truly quite perfect.

The best part of the entire celebration was seeing how happy everyone was for us! 

Wedding Checklist


Lunch: The White Rabbit (6473-9965); dinner: Groom’s residence

Hair & makeup

Candy Tiong ( and Carolyn Chong


Samuel of Pixoo ( and Brandon of LensofMira (


Yun Yun, Melvin and Tommy from Momentold (


Miiv Flora (


Lil’ Sweetpeas (


Gen.K Jewellery ( and CW Jewels (

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Bee Hong and Beverly Tan