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Thought to be one of the more loving couples in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, the news of Jen and Chang’s split on Friday (Mar 4, 2016), came as a shock to all.


Posted by 任家萱 Selina on Friday, 4 March 2016

Jen, 34, and lawyer Richard Chang, 43, had enjoyed five years of marital bliss before making the decision to split. Each blamed themselves for the split. Jen shared that she “did not play the role of a dutiful wife” and continued to focus on her work after marriage.

Here, the reasons why we think the couple’s split might be better in the long run.

There’s no point forcing it
While we’re all for trying to keep a marriage intact, if the situation has changed between you, and there’re no feelings left, it’s time to let it go. It beats staying on, and letting negative feelings fester into resentment.

Cut your losses
In his announcement via Facebook, Chang shared that the couple are “happier being siblings.” He added that “In this broken marriage, I lost a wife but gained a sister who is closer to me than my own sister. Please don’t feel sorry for us.” In her post, Jen also said that the decision to end their marriage, was “necessary”. She added that “because we’ve lost love, we don’t want to lose kinship and friendship as well.”

You’ll learn to cherish your next love
One of the key takeaways here, is communication, as well as a joint effort to protect and preserve your marriage. Both parties blamed themselves for the split, and cited various reasons for their marriage breakdown. But at the end of the day, the lessons that they have gained from their union, as well as split, will be so much more valuable as key takeaways when they embark on their next relationship.

九年前,我們因了解對方而在一起;九年後,我們因珍惜彼此要離婚了。 我天性不浪漫也不體貼,九年前,某程度上繫於她遷就我、追著我跑,我曾習慣她對我比較好。有好長一段時間,我們處於非常時期,都變了,那時我們的目標與一般夫妻不同,只想變回正常人…

Posted by 張承中 on Friday, 4 March 2016