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Being already legally wed hasn’t stopped Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner from going ahead with wild stag and hen parties. And judging from their LA wedding, which had an Elvis impersonator as an officiant, you can expect the couple’s respective bachelor and bachelorette parties to be of the same epic proportions. 

From what we know about the JoBro’s stag party, well, his bash at a nightclub in Ibiza a few weeks ago got so out of hand that they had the cops called on them – three times. And Joe apparently didn’t just rip his own shirt off, but two of his friends’ as well.

Watch his brothers Nick and Kevin reveal all on an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:



Meanwhile, his wife is currently jetsetting across Europe with a bunch of her girlfriends including BFF (as well as Maid of Honour), and Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams. From what we’ve seen on hers and her friends’ Instagram stories, it involved a private jet, a wig party, swimming at the Soho House in Berlin, and attending a Jonas Brothers concert in London. And apparently, they’re headed to Prague for the next leg of their tour. 

See the pictures below:



Cluck cluck mother fudgers ✈️

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Mode of transport: A private jet.



When in Benidorm

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Partying in wigs in Benidorm, Spain.



Some things never change

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And your great, great, great granddaughter, is pretty fine, is pretty fine

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Support for the hubby: The girls made a stop at a Jonas Brothers concert in London.


Turner (in a Bride-to-Be sash no less) got her mom in on the fun.