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“As we hardly ran into each other, I wasn’t familiar with Alif. However, he claims he had his eye on me from way back,” says Liza.

The couple wore matching traditional silver-grey outfits with a modern twist.

We were neighbours for almost 10 years, but only got closer after we were on the same flight to Adelaide for the airline company we both work for.

The dais was accented by beautiful blooms.

Guests were treated to cake push pops from the dessert table at both their individual receptions.

Friends and relatives who hadn’t seen each other in a while were all in high spirits.

The proposal was was simple and romantic. He asked for my father’s permission, then took me to the beach at East Coast Park where we had our first date, and popped the question with the ring he’d bought when we were just four months into our relationship!

The couple’s cake, a delicious red velvet with cream cheese frosting and hazelnut filling, was a surprise gift from Liza’s aunt.

Favours contained scented soap and a hand towel.

Liza got the fabrics and then told her bridesmaids to choose their own dress styles.

At the wedding ceremony or Nikah, I knew at once that Alif was the only one for me, and that there was no one else I’d rather be with. The procession for the bride’s and groom’s receptions came the day after. Both took place by the sea. Our wedding was simple but joyous. Everyone told us that they’d had a good time!” 

Liza told Alif: “When I fell in love with you, I realised that I could never love anyone else the way I love you.”

Venue Solemnisation and bride’s reception: SAF Yacht Club (6758-3359); groom’s reception: Gurame Indonesian Restaurant (6542-2038) 

Wardrobe, hair & makeup Fatimah Mohsin, The Wedding Gallery (6292-4565)

Photography Simplifai Studios (

Decor Jentayu Gallery for SAF Yacht Club (6281-4181); Elly Weddings for Gurame Indonesian Restaurant ( 

Cake & desserts Wardah (8498-1817)

Special thanks to Our families and wedding party, who spent a lot of time helping us prepare for the most important day of our lives. 

This story was first published in Her World Brides September – November 2015.