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If you’ve been keeping up with our website and social media platforms, you’ll probably know Amanda Olivia Lim, 27, a social media specialist, winner of our Coverbrides contest and now the face of our September 2019 issue. 

She’s engaged to engineer Daniel Chan, 27 (who’s also the winner of our Grooms We Love contest!). They’re tying the knot on July 11, 2020, and the bride-to-be shares with us more!



How did you meet Daniel?
I met my fiance four years ago at a photo shoot for our Nanyang Technological University hall committee. We were both members, and I was the photographer as well. Nothing much happened till six months later when he saw an IG pic of me enjoying a prata supper, and shared that he loved prata, too. The relationship took off from there.

What was your first impression of him?
Quiet and confident. He didn’t say much when we met, but his words held weight whenever he did speak.
What did you do on your first date?
Eat nasi lemak at Changi Village Hawker Centre. I was leaving for England to study for half a year and he wanted to impress me with something local. The nasi lemak was his favourite meal his family would pack for picnics at Changi Beach.
What did you find attractive about him?
That he was fun-loving and family-oriented. He also spoke with love and compassion, which made me fall for him even more.
What was the most romantic thing he’s done?
We’d only gone out four times before I had to leave for England. there was a seven-hour time difference, but Daniel would always wait till I got hme (about 3am Singapore time) to call me and send me videos of him singing the latest covers – a big thing then on Youtube. We ended up sending each other recordings all the time. Even now, we occasionally jam together.
What do you love most about him?
Daniel’s taught me to love unconditionally. He has a heart of gold and never gives up on people, even when they might have wronged him. I also love his determination to be at his best, and how he never fails to challenge convention.
How do you manage your relationship?
We have different perspectives when resolving problems and sometimes there is friction, but we get over them pretty fast because we’re always looking at the bigger picture.
How did he propose?
We were on holiday in Santorini, Greece, and he’d arranged a dinner date. There was a posh car waiting outside our Airbnb to take us to Mystique Hotel in Oia. While I was enjoying the beautiful views, Daniel disappeared into the reception area and emerged with a blindfold. With my eyes covered, he led me over uneven terrain, and only took the blindfold off when we were overlooking the vast Mediterranean Sea. Then he proposed.

What kind of wedding are you having?
We are planning to have the ceremony at a resort to remind us of the proposal in Oia, followed by a celebration with our families and dearest friends.
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This story was originally published in Her World Brides September 2019.