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Cheryl Wee – singer, actress and owner of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management – tells us that she is finally taking the commitment plunge and getting hitched to long-time boyfriend Roy Fong this July.

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Tell us more about this main man in your life.

Roy has a huge, loving heart. He’s a giver who never expects anything in return. He’s always telling me how we can see God in everyone when we choose to see the good in them.  

He also has a tenacious streak, so he doesn’t give up easily. He fights to be at the top – and goes at it even harder when he’s the underdog. 

Roy has this amazing zest for life and takes interest in many things, from road bikes, guitars, movies, and historical documentaries to golf. Being by his side is really exciting and enriching. It’s opened my eyes to new worlds. On top of this, he is an architect and I think it’s pretty cool that I’m going to marry someone with such an interesting and creative job.


How did you meet?

How we met in Victoria Junior College (VJC) in 2004 and subsequently got together is like a script from a TV drama series. I’m not going to say too much right now. Most of it will come out in a video for our wedding.

But I will say that Roy was the popular guy in school; a science student and VJC’s top tennis star. I was the nerdy arts girl, who lived in my own world, loved dance and  was driven home daily. He was also liked by all the girls, thanks to his tennis awards and big, sparkling eyes. The chances of us meeting were slim as we were in different streams, but… Okay, enough said.


How did he propose?

He proposed in January 2016. Please don’t ask me anything more about that either. My family and Roy have embargoed the video and storyline, which will be revealed on our actual day. So stay tuned!


How did you know he was the one?

I was always sure he was the one; two significant instances confirmed that. In the first, I came down with dengue. Roy was about to be shipped off to Basic Military Training (BMT) in Pulau Tekong. Instead of enjoying his last days of  freedom, he spent every moment with me! 

On one of those days, I was curled up in bed and it was raining. He soothed me to sleep by strumming his guitar and singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He was still there when I woke up.

The second one took place eight years ago, when my late por por (grandmother) was admitted to the hospital for a triple heart bypass.

Roy was interning at an architecture firm then, but went to see her in hospital every day without fail. That really touched me. When she needed help getting around before she became bedridden, this man would take her wherever she wanted to go, incuding church, in a wheelchair.


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What do you love most about Roy?

He puts my needs and happiness, and that of my family, above his own. For instance, knowing how much I love staying home, and how important my family is to me, he comes straight to me after work instead of hanging out with his friends. 

He’s also a big help at family parties as well as dinners, and spends most weekends at home with me. And, when I’m away for work, he Skypes me. 


And your biggest pet peeve?

He nags me! For example, whenever I get bratty, or take things and my family for granted, he’ll keep telling me to check myself, and do the right thing. 

When I spend too much time on Instagram or shopping at ASOS, he’ll tell me I should be doing better things. Roy really wants me to enrich and improve myself instead of wasting time on random stuff. 

As much as I dislike it, it’s good that he lets me know when I’ve crossed the line, and helps me get back on track. Loving someone doesn’t mean spoiling that person.


How are the plans for your wedding coming along?

We settled the wedding date and venue the night Roy popped the question. My aunt Dawn Yip, who is a former singer, had booked The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore a few years earlier to celebrate her birthday with a concert on July 1.

She was sweet enough to sacrifice her celebration and offer the venue and date to us. It was like God’s gift! We hope we will have the honour of having her perform at our wedding.


What are some of the things you have on your checklist?

We’re having three events: the tea ceremony on June 25, a wedding ceremony in church followed by dinner at The Ritz-Carlton on July 1, and a second dinner the next day at The Ritz-Carlton as well. Then, of course, there’s my gown, the decor, the flowers, the musicians, and so on.


Full Interview: Cheryl Wee reveals more about her wedding, fiance and more!


Tell us about your decor.

We’re having a whimsical, romantic celebration with rose gold as well as champagne hues, lots  of flowers, and unicorns! I took ballet lessons as a child, and so have always loved pretty pink and blush tutus, and costumes. 

We are putting a lot of effort into the decorations and programme for the evening. 

As we want it to be a surprise for everyone, I can’t elaborate on that either.


What kind of look are you going with?

I don’t have one particular look. Each day has a specific theme. The modern oriental one has us wearing matching headdresses, and Roy in a changshan for the tea  ceremony. I’ll be wearing a kua. We’re also dressing up for our whimsical fairy-tale banquet. 


How are you preparing yourselves for the wedding?

Apart from everything that’s going on for the actual day, preparing ourselves emotionally and spiritually has been just as important, if not more so. Roy and I attended the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course, and it’s been a great help. 

We are also very fortunate that our families have been so involved and helpful. Since last year, we’ve travelled from here to London, Korea and Hong Kong to prepare the wedding presents, gowns, costumes, head dresses, dowry gifts and gold jewellery. It’s been really fun getting everything ready with the family, and trying out so many crazy things. 


How do you picture your dream wedding?

I’m walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm, and I’m wearing a dress I just want to be in forever to meet my future husband, who’s waiting for me at the altar. 

The church ceremony is the most important highlight of the entire wedding, because we want God at the centre of our marriage, and for Him to bless us at the start of our new life together.


Full Interview: Cheryl Wee reveals more about her wedding, fiance and more!


What are your priorities when it comes to your wedding?

God. And our parents, who have loved us unconditionally, and continue to give us so much of their time and affection. The wedding is just as important to them as it is to us. 

We also want our guests to have a memorable evening, and to share our love. All of them and our relatives have been a part of our lives, and are just as excited about our special day. 


Did you have to compromise at the planning stage?

Roy has been very open to all my crazy ideas, and even contributes to them. He keeps saying he wants to give me the wedding of my dreams. But, of course, we haven’t been able to fit in every detail, so we’ve been cutting back a bit.


How well have you been juggling work with the preparations?

Coming back into the family business has given me the time, flexibility and freedom to easily schedule meetings for both work and the wedding. 

However, with Roy travelling quite a bit for work these days, most of our meetings with the family and our planner Clare Chua of Bliss Pact take place at the weekends. After lunch with my family, we usually sit down with my aunts and parents to go through the programme, menu, guest list and so on.


Lastly, any advice for other brides-to-be?

Eat healthier, exercise more, and stay away from the sun! I have Roy drinking homemade vegetable/fruit smoothies, and it’s paid off. He has my parents and aunts hooked on them, too.

Besides exercising with my dad, the two of us have been doing yoga and dance as well. We also took up calligraphy so we could design our invites. 

Next, know what is important to the both of you. Don’t procrastinate. Settle things as early as you can because time runs out when you least expect it to.

Lastly, enjoy the entire process. You can’t have everything nor please everyone, so it can get pretty crazy – but this is what really holds you, your husband-to-be, and your families together. 



Photography: Frenchescar Lim, assisted by Sherman See-tho

Styling: Steve Thio, assisted by Ashley Phan

Gowns: Digio Bridal

Engagement ring: Cheryl’s

Other jewellery: Goldheart Jewelry

Hair: Grego, using La Biosthetique@ Glamour Salon System

Make-up: Peter Khor, using Clarins


This story was first published on Her World Brides Mar – June 2017 issue. Grab your copy at all available newstands! 

This story was first published on Her World Brides Mar - June 2017 issue. Grab your copy at all available newstands!