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Last Saturday (Sept 3, 2016)’s unexpected news of actress Shu Qi’s marriage eclipsed that of another – the wedding of F4 member Ken Chu in Bali the same day.

The last-minute appearance of bandmate Jerry Yen, however, added more appeal to Chu’s nuptials with Chinese actress Han Wenwen, 34, held at the Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua.

Yen, 39, unexpectedly emerged at the church ceremony, holding hands with bandmate Van Ness Wu, 38. It was an F3 – not F4 – reunion, as member Vic Chou, 35, was absent. His wife Reen Yu, 28, had just given birth.

The reunion was the first since 2013 and the trio performed their song, Meteor Rain, at the banquet.

Yen dispelled talk that he and Chu, 37, had fallen out, telling reporters: “Whether it is F1, F2 or 3, these are just numbers. They don’t represent friendship. Actually, we are all right.”

Perhaps conscious that he was the only bachelor left in F4, Yen said he was so moved by the wedding that he had “an impulse to push everyone aside to catch the bridal flowers”.

His appearance came on the day when his old flame, Taiwanese model Chiling Lin, 41, was talked about following news that Shu Qi had married. Only in October last year, Shu Qi and her friends, actress Ruby Lin and Chiling Lin, had still been single and were dubbed “Golden Leftover Women” after they posed together at actress Angelababy‘s wedding.

Ruby Lin, 40, married television star Wallace Huo, 36, in July.

Last Saturday, following news of Shu Qi’s marriage, fans were urging Yen to court Chiling Lin again and remove her leftover status.

Lin’s response, according to reports, was that “I must work harder”.

She and Yen reportedly split up in 2006 and Yen was later linked with Japanese-Swiss model Shoko and Taiwanese model Seanna Chang.

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