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Not the dream dress 

With bridal rental packages, sometimes the dress that you chose months ago for the wedding may not be available on your actual day: it could be that the previous bride who loaned the dress did not return it promptly, or the alterations were not completed in time, or the dress was damaged and had to be rejected. 

If you’re lucky to find another suitable dress, then all your problems are solved. If not, always remember that a beautifully fitted dress is always more attractive than a badly fitted gown, no matter how embellished it is.

You can always add detachable details (a crystal belt, a sparkling brooch, a gorgeous embroidered shawl) to a simple, perfectly fitted dress, or add more accessories. You can’t do much with a bad fitting dress at the last minute.


Beauty issues 

If, for some reason, you end up with disastrous hair and makeup on your actual day, opt for something simple and pretty. Not all makeup artistes are skilled enough to create avant garde looks, or do a good job of bringing out your best features.

You should know what your best features are. If your makeup artist is not giving you what you want, start afresh with a simple and clean palette. Peachy, pink tones with lightly drawn brows, thin top eyeliner and naturally-flushed cheeks will never go wrong. 

For day, use tinted gloss on the lips and add on more vibrant colour, along with thick eyeliner, for the evening party. Never line the eye completely and avoid thickly drawn browns in dark colours. We want to look romantic, not sexy or fierce.

For hair, ditch the curls and fancy up-dos. A sleek side parted ponytail looks chic and modern for daytime occasions; for evenings, just twist your ponytail into a bun. Add on flowers, or a sparkling tiara if you wish. These are simple techniques you can do yourself easily in a jiffy.



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Tears and stains

Rushing around in a big wedding gown is never easy; if you’re not careful, you may just tear part of your gown, or stain it. 

Ever bride should have a small sewing kit in their ‘emergency bag’; use the kit to stitch together small tears or beads that have dropped off. For bigger tears with frayed hems, use clear scotch tape to tape the underside of the tear to hold it together. If the tear has frayed edges, snip the loose threads away use the tape. You can also use a combination of sewing and taping.

For stains, always have a portable cleaning stick that helps clean off the stain if applied immediately. These are available at many shops. The alternative is to have a bottle or tube of white powder. Just dust the powder on the stain to minimize the colour difference.


Bad skin

Sometimes a bride can break out in a rash or hives on her big day due to all the stress and worry. If your makeup artiste is not able to cover these up with makeup, then think of other creative solutions. 

Depending on where the rash is, you can always use a netted headpiece to cover the part of you face that is affected. If your bare arms and back are red with rashes, concealer can sometimes make it worse. 

Use a beautifully embroidered and romantic shawl instead to hide the affected areas from sight. If you don’t have a suitable shawl, ask your bridesmaid or friend to buy 3 metres of tulle from the fabric shop and use that as a shawl instead; the effect can be quite romantic!

For legs, get a pair of skin toned stockings for bridal fashion and beauty emergencies.