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winiryan10.jpgThere were donuts everywhere, it would’ve made Homer Simpson a very happy man. The bride’s favourite detail? The pun “Donut ever let me go”, which was featured onstage. 

Winifred Goh, 29, and Ryan Goh, 31, were friends for three years, before taking their relationship to the next level. Their wedding, a donut/dessert-themed one, was filled with fun, laughter and love. She tells us:

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“We came about our donut/dessert-theme after discussing with our wedding stylist. Ryan and I are foodies, and I have a serious sweet tooth – I can’t resist dessert of any kind!

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In keeping with the theme, donuts were everywhere, including in front of the rostrum, our signs and our decorations. It was a hit with guests, especially the children, who were excited to each receive a donut balloon at the end of the wedding!

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Our day began with the customary gatecrashing ceremony in the morning, then the church wedding. We invited a total of 300 guests (most of whom comprised our large extended families and church friends), which made the atmosphere a lively one. We made things official in the church where we’re both currently attending. It was important to us that we vowed to honour our commitment to one another in front of God, our family, and church members.

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There were so many moments during the wedding which touched my heart, but the one which struck me most, was during Ryan’s thank you speech. He got all choked up when he thanked his parents, and that surprised me, as he’s not one who shows his emotions easily. Other times included waiting for the cue to walk down the aisle with my dad, and when I was handed over to my groom.

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I had so much fun that I missed the proceedings when it was over! Everything felt like it went by in a blur during the ceremony, I felt I did not have enough time to be in the moment. Also, on hindsight, I would worried less, and savoured every bit of the wedding, and I would’ve slept enough the night before.”

Bukit Panjang Gospel Chapel (6760-0454)
Wardrobe Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings (6333-6678); suit: Tesutti (6337-2320)
Hair & Makeup Joanne Low (9677-4181) and Katherine Wong (9745-5143)
Photography Click! Photography (Valerie Lam,
Decor Church: Merry Love Weddings (Shuying Hua,; bouquet and wedding car flowers: Triceratops (9691-5488)