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How did you meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend. The first time we met was over dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We developed a mutual understanding of each other, and over time we realised how complementary our different characteristics were.Somehow, every just fell nicely into place afterwards.

What was your celebration and theme like?

Our celebration was filled with joy, laughter and camaraderie. Many of our loved ones only get together once a year during Chinese New Year, so we wanted to provide a bright and dazzling atmosphere for everyone to revel in our wedding. We also wanted Leon’s grandmother to have a good time with her family. 

Moreover, we wished to incorporate some Indonesian wedding customs in respect of Audrey’s roots. Our parents and immediate relatives participated in the first march-in to honour them, and there was lots of singing and celebration, not only from the live band, but our relatives and friends from both sides. Even the priest was singing!

We had two weddings in two countries within a space of a week. Needless to say, we were relieved that everything went well. The wedding in Singapore had a classic, elegant theme with a gold, pink and cream palette.

We chose The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Ballroom as it evoked a sense of glitz and glamour with its chandeliers. To complement the stunning ambience, we installed a glass aisle lined with candles. (Also read: Creative aisles: 12 meaningful & pretty wedding decor ideas)

For our Indonesia celebration, we took things up a notch with the set-up and had an elaborate royal-wedding theme. A big crown installation hung over the stage that was decorated with a lush garden setting, complete with life-sized trees, Victorian furnishings and flower arrangements.

Everyone followed a detailed plan of events and we remain thankful to all involved. Our wedding prep was divided into segments so we wouldn’t find ourselves being rushed into making decisions that may not have been in our best interest.


The wedding at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has a romantic palette of gold, pink and cream, and a sophisticated ambience.

Candles lined the glass aisle.

Oriental table decor.



“I felt a sense of calm and joy throughout our celebrations. I couldn’t wait to be married to Audrey.” – Leon

Audrey and Leon’s Jakarta nuptials had an extravagant royal-wedding theme with lush garden settings.

The wedding of Audrey Sungkono and Leon Thio.
Her gowns
WhiteLink Bridal Studio & La Belle Couture Weddings (Singapore); WhiteLink Bridal Studio (Indonesia)
His suits
WhiteLink Bridal Studio
Zaphs Zhang, Ricardo & Stephen Djong (Singapore); Memoira Studio (Indonesia)
Lin Studios
Hair & makeup
Vina Zhang & Budi Putra (Singapore); Vina Zhang & Nana Julia (Indonesia)
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore; Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Mirage Flowers (Singapore); Evelin Decor (Indonesia) 
Julia Tecoalu (Indonesia)
Freddy Su (Indonesia)
This wedding was originally published in Her World Brides LUXE Oct 2019.