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How did you meet?

The way we met wasn’t exactly romantic: Joseph was a customer at a store I was working at. We said “hi”, and everything started from there. A year later, we got together and it’s been 10 years since.

What was your proposal like? 

The proposal happened during our first trip to Los Angeles. We were doing the hike up to the Hollywood sign and when we got to the top, I wanted to head back down immediately as I urgently needed to use the toilet. However, Joseph had other plans. He told me to hang around as he wanted to enjoy the view.

Just as I was starting to feel annoyed at having to wait, he sat down next to me and asked me how I would feel if he proposed to me at that moment. I thought he was kidding, and told him not to joke about such matters.

As it turned out, he wasn’t joking at all. I said yes, of course. We hastily took some pictures and hurried back down because I really needed to pee by then! 

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration! 

Although we were advised to start our wedding prep at least six months before the big day, I did not see the need to as I think I’m quite a decisive person.

Apart from securing our venue six months prior, everything else was planned at the last minute. Joseph did make me take two weeks off before the wedding to tie up loose ends though, and I also engaged the help of a friend to run some errands.

The Clifford Pier used to be the actual pier where Joseph’s grandfather’s ship would dock at. He was a sailor and second-in-command on board. Having our wedding there felt like he was also with us on that day.

For our theme, we opted for a casual, “lo-fi” vibe as we wanted the wedding to feel effortless and cool.

There were film cameras for our guests to capture their memories, and our photo booth was a backdrop I borrowed from a photographer, so it looks more stylised than the usual wedding backdrop. There was also no wedding video or photo montage.

I wanted our wedding decor and flowers to look simple and clean – in line with our ‘lo-fi’ vibes – so we went with just baby’s breath

How did you decide on your wedding looks?

For my first wedding look, I contacted a designer friend in Thailand who has awesome tailoring skills. I buy a lot of clothes from his label – Al’Manita – after we got acquainted at a fashion trade show. He managed to pin down the style I wanted right from the first sketch, and was able to deliver everything within a month.

My second dress was from Salvatore Ferragamo. I wore it with Nike sneakers so I could move and dance around comfortably at our after-party. Joseph was dressed head-to-toe in Saint Laurent for both his outfits. 

What were some of the highlights? 

We ended our celebration with our guests dancing away to club tracks during the after-party. One of the highlights of the night was seeing Joseph’s parents hitting the dance floor!

The Wedding of  Evon Chng & Joseph Ho

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Al’Manita and Salvatore Ferragamo

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