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Including a videographer for your wedding has risen in ranks in the last couple of years, with more viewing it as important as having a photographer. 

There’s nothing quite like images in motion – to capture the fleeting, unseen moments that we usually miss out on in the hecticness of that eventful day.

Steph Lee of Steph Lee Films shares with us why couples should have a videographer on scene for their wedding day and more:

Image: Steph Lee Films/Instagram

Share with us your views on wedding videography.

“Well, there used to be an idea of what a standard requirement for weddings is and what isn’t.

However, everything is up in the air now with ever-evolving wedding trends and ideas that gear towards personalisation and bespoke touches.

Many couples used to regard wedding videography as one of the last priorities of a wedding day preparation, but the trend has started to change, especially in recent years.

When you playback the wedding day video a day or a decade later, it will definitely evoke emotions and memories in a way that only a moving images can.

Don’t take it from me, but a professional video production can be so much more than a montage of childhood pictures.”

Image: Steph Lee Films/Instagram

What’s your own approach behind each wedding video production?

“Wedding videography is essentially a bespoke business. It is impossible to apply the same shooting style for every wedding we shoot, nor do we want to.

What we do try to establish is staying as journalistic as possible during the actual day and we don’t interfere much with the events of the day.

My favourite analogy for this would be – The best film director doesn’t tell an actor what to do but instead, cajoles the best parts of his personality so that he shines.

We usually tell our couples to simply enjoy their big day and leave the rest to us!”

Image: The team behind the lens with one of their couples!, Steph Lee Films/Instagram

What keeps you inspired?

“Seeing how our couples react to the end product keeps me inspired and motivated.

I feel immensely privileged to a part of every one of our couples’ wedding journey. The atmosphere of romance, stress and familial kinship is a heady, almost intoxicating mix.

There is no greater feeling of achievement than to see their laughter, teary-eyed emotions and an embrace that says, “Dear, we did it”, without words.”


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