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Look Slimmer Instantly
If you have a big day in 24 hours or so, here are some tips that will help you look slimmer and leaner for your important event. We tell you how to fight the bloat and more!

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Avoid Dairy
Kimberly Synder, a Los Angeles based nutritionist reveals that our bodies are slow to digest dairy, hence creating gas and eventually- the dreaded bloat. (See: Beat the wedding day bloat with these 10 foods)

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Eat Fruits
Fruits have a high water and fibre content that will keep you full for longer. Plus, the fibre will help clear out your digestive system. Fruity low-calorie snacks for the win!

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Have Caffeine
Caffeine without milk or sugar acts as a diuretic as it allows your body to flush out the excess water in your body.

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Drink Lots of Water
Strictly avoid any beverage that isn’t water, a fruit smoothie or black coffee and tea. Load up on water and keep yourself hydrated at all times so you avoid the tendency to grab a cold, sugary drink. However, do take caution of the amount of water consumed. 

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Avoid Sodium
Sodium causes your body to retain excess water, giving you a puffy look. Avoid eating out as sodium is added abundantly to items and instead, cook healthy vegetable-based meals at home. These are the 10 foods to avoid on your wedding day

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Chew on Fennel Seeds
Chew on some fennel seeds as a yummy snack as these liquorice-flavoured herbs help with excess gas in your digestive system. They are also particularly helpful in suppressing your appetite when unhealthy cravings hit.

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Get a Tan
Go a few shades darker as it’ll help you look much slimmer. Use a little more spray tan on areas such as your inner thighs to visually slim them down even further. Highlight your collarbones and all the way down the middle of your legs to make them look even leaner.

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Contouring is an age-old trick that significantly narrows your face by giving you instant cheekbones. Use a liquid or cream foundation a few shades darker than your skin colour to give your face a flawless bone structure. Focus on your forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and jawline.


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Do The Stomach Vacuum Exercise
Do this exercise a few times on the day before your event and also right before it. It pulls your abdomen in and will make you look super sleek in your new dress!


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Once again, Spanx to the rescue. Used by almost every celebrity, Spanx smoothens out your silhouette for some lovely curves. (See: 5 things to note before buying your bridal undergarments)

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Wear Heels
Avoid heels with a block heel as they make your legs look stumpier. Instead, look to heels with a narrow heel that will visually lengthen your legs. The position your foot takes in the heel will also make your thighs look slimmer.

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Work On Your Posture
Rounding your back won’t highlight your best assets. Instead, put your spine upright and pull your shoulders back to zip your tummy up so that your torso looks longer and leaner. Here are 9 posing tips to look slimmer for your wedding photos

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