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12 months to go 

Announce the great news! 

• Do so on social media with an eye-catching post. 

• Throw an engagement party if you’d like!

To the drawing board

• Make a checklist and tick off as items get done. 

• Set a wedding date, and remember to have standby dates ready.

• Key in appointment dates and times into your standard calendar app or try out a wedding-specific calendar app like LadyMarry which provides: checklist or timetable for your wedding planning, helpful tips and a countdown to your wedding date.

• Take note of peak periods for weddings in Singapore (late August to January) as venue and vendor prices may increase then, or be fully booked.

• Get recommendations from friends and family for wedding venues and wedding vendors. 

• Start attending wedding shows and scouting for locations. 

• For those planning to get married in a Catholic church, you’ll have to book at least one year in advance now.

• Take a look at local wedding directories for a list of the most popular wedding venues

Budget savvy

• Determine your wedding budget.

• We recommend apps like Fudget to help with the budget planning. 

• Discuss and decide on who’s paying for what—if your parents are contributing, let them pick what to pay for, and how much.

• Here are some budgeting tips for a wedding that won’t break the bank:

– Set aside more money if you’re intending on getting wed during peak wedding months.

– If you have slightly tighter purse strings and can’t afford to splurge too much, consider off-peak periods instead.


11 months to go 

One month down, eleven more to go. Get the wedding gears in motion by securing a wedding venue, and by looking and feeling your best. 
Beauty from the inside

• To look radiant on your big day, you may want to start a diet/exercise routine.

• Sign up for an exercise class to get in shape for your wedding.

• Know what to eat to prevent bloating on your big day.

• If you prefer to work out at home, try out apps like Nike Fitness Club that have a variety of workout plans, or these bodyweight exercises.

• Struggling to stick to your diet? Try out Lifesum, an app that lets you track your meals and plan a diet best suited to your needs.

Round up the #weddinginspo posts

• Get acquainted with wedding style terms and determine what wedding theme you’re going for.

• Familiarise yourself with the lingo so you’ll be able to better convey your ideas to your vendors later on.

• Keep track of all your wedding inspo by creating thematic Pinterest boards for dresses, table settings, flowers, etc. 

• Get inspired by Her World Brides’ articles and suggestions!

• Look at wedding planners and photographers’ portfolios online.

• Try an app like PaletteCam to check out colour combinations and palettes for your decor.

• Remember not to get too carried away! Aim to stick to one colour palette or theme to avoid confusion.

Get it confirmed

Book your wedding venue; months from late  August to January, are particularly popular so you’ll need to book early. 


10 months to go

Struggling with wedding logistics? You may want to consider getting an extra pair of hands to shoulder some of the planning.

Who’s invited?

Start assembling a guest list with your fiance and parents. 

• The list doesn’t have to be finalised just yet- just work out who you and your fiance would like to invite, and whittle down the numbers as you go along. 

• If your parents are contributing to the wedding fund, it’s only fair and right to let them invite their own guests.

Need a helping hand

• If you’re especially busy with work, or just don’t know where to get started, a wedding planner will take care of all the details.

• Or make sure that you have enough bridesmaids willing to aid you in your preparations.

• Some venues may have recommendations for wedding planners whom they’ve worked with previously, or their own wedding team to help you out in your preparations. Ask staff about such arrangements.

• If your wedding venue doesn’t provide additional decor that suits your taste, or if you want to jazz up the decor with other props, start looking up and contacting vendors, like these Singapore wedding stylists.


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9 months to go 

Start confirming your vendors. If you’re aiming to impress your guests with a meticulously orchestrated menu and unique entertainment options, you’ll have to confirm these arrangements early.

Menu, music, and memories

• Confirm the wedding venue if you haven’t done so, and discuss menu with venue staff or external caterers. 

• Remember to ask if the venue or caterer provides food options for Muslim or vegetarian guests, and alternatives for those with special dietary requirements. 

• Go for tasting sessions before confirming your menu.

• Look up wedding entertainment, musicians, or DJs. 


Book your wedding photographer and videographer.

• Get recommendations from friends or family who have recently gotten hitched.

• Work with photographers whose style aligns with your own. Scope out their portfolios or pictures on social media to get a feel of their aesthetic and style.

Beware of bridal studios packages that are priced way below the market rate and read the fine print. If you expect quality pictures of your big day, be prepared to pay what it’s worth.



8 months to go

Here comes the most exciting part for most brides—searching for ‘The One’. No, we’re not referring to your future spouse, but your wedding gown! 

Do your research online and organise shopping dates with your bridal party. Decide what your perfect wedding dress will be — whether it’s a maximalist ball gown with intricate beadwork and embellishment, or a sophisticated and chic sheath dress.

Confirm your party

Select your bridal party, etc,and assign them duties.

• Chances are, you’ll be incredibly busy on your big day, so make sure that your bridal party consists of your most trusted pals!

• Know how big your wedding party should be: if you’re holding an intimate ceremony, three would be enough. Or if you’re going big and grand, aim for five or more.

• Inform your bridesmaids of their duties ahead of time to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. 

• Discuss which items your wedding party will be paying for themselves, and which you’ll be covering.

Shopping spree

• Shop for your wedding bands.

• Confirm your bridal gown(s) and groom’s attire.

• Here’s what (and who) to bring along to your bridal appointments.

– Remember the theme and colour palette you and your fiance have set for the wedding—it’ll make choosing a gown or suit much easier.

– Though you may be tempted to bring your entire bridal entourage along for gown shopping, it’s better to  ask one or two of your closest friends (whose judgement you trust!) or your mother along. Too many opinions may overwhelm you and make it harder to arrive at a decision.



7 months to go

With all the biggest things out of the way, start booking the other vendors for your wedding day.

Looking your best

• Compile a list of florists, makeup artists and hairstylists from friend’s recommendations, magazines and online.

• After talking to shortlisted ones decide who bests fits your style and confirm them.

Let them eat cake

• Order your wedding cake. This gives you ample time to schedule tasting appointments and design consultations with the baker.

• Explain your wedding theme and show the baker your Pinterest board, the colour palette for your wedding décor, or pictures of your gown so they can think of designs to match the theme.

• If you or your fiancé have cake flavours that you particularly enjoy, mention them to your baker! 

Get a move on

• Enquire about wedding car rentals

Overseas guests

• If you’re planning a destination wedding, or are expecting many out-of-town guests, book accommodation for them. Shortlist two or three hotels to suit a range of budgets so that your guests have options. 

• Make sure you inform your guests of any code or name the reservation was made under so they’ll have an easier time when booking accommodation.

Plan your honeymoon

• Pick a location that both of you will enjoy, and book plane tickets and accommodation in advance for good deals and prices.

• Take note of your destination’s season and off-peak periods to take advantage of lower rates, and fewer crowds.



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6 months to go 

You’re halfway there! Now’s the time to start finalising and confirming details with your vendors as your big day approaches.

Wardrobe change

• Confirm your bridal gown(s) and groom’s attire if you’ve not done so.

• Confirm your wedding bands.

• Take your wedding party out to shop for bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s outfits.

• Remember to inform your bridal party in advance of any shopping trips or appointments in advance.

• Ask them for their budget if they’re paying for their own outfits.

• Shop for your shoes, accessories and jewellery.


Following tradition 

• Attend pre-wedding counselling with your fiance (If required by your faith)

• Confirm all wedding vendors – flowers, props, music, and catering.

Picture Perfect

• Do your pre-wedding photography. 

• If you are shooting overseas take note of the season and weather of your destination. Ensure your photographer has all the travelling and logistics planned out for your shoot as well.


5 months to go

Remember the guest list you and your fiance started assembling five months back? Time to whip out that list for your wedding invites and favours.

Written up

• Order wedding stationery, including wedding invitations, thank-you cards and the guest book.

• If you’re working with a calligrapher, you may have to finalise your guest list and seating arrangements to ensure that they’ll have enough time to scribe out your seating chart.

• Check out online for printables for a more budget-friendly option! We love sites Canva, Love & Lavender, Creative Market, The Budget Savvy Bride.

Shop for wedding favours (if not already provided by wedding venue), or check out these DIY favour ideas

• Get your guests a practical memento, such as coasters, personalised tumblers, or tote bags.

• Or opt for something edible instead!


4 months to go 

You’ve sorted out the ceremony details. It’s time to settle the serious stuff so you can get legally wed.

The serious stuff

• Prepare the necessary documents to legalise your marriage. 

• Book your wedding date with ROM, church and officiant.

• If you’re planning on getting married outside of the ROM premises, a licensed solemniser’s services will be required for the ceremony.

• Meet up with the marriage officiant.

• The solemniser will be required to sign a consent form which will be necessary when filing for marriage later on.


Photo: Her World Brides

3 months to go

Wrap up loose ends with your vendors and make sure everything’s set for your wedding.

Who’s who

• Finalise guest list and start planning seating arrangements. 

• Send out invitations for overseas guests.

• Confirm transportation for yourself, the bridal party and out-of-town guests.

• Send reminders to venues and solemnisation officiant.

Looking good

• Purchase your bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s attire.

• Discuss different looks with hair and makeup people, and go a trial run to confirm the final looks.

• Confirm all wedding decor, bouquets, centrepieces.

• Inform your vendors of any must-haves, for example, if you want individual photos with your out-of-town friends, or for a specific song or playlist to be played during the ceremony.

• Get a mock-up of your bouquet and table centrepieces done by your florist.


2 months to go 

Now it’s time focus on what’s happening on the actual day: the guests, the food and the ceremony.

Know who’s coming

• Send out invitations to local attendees.

• Confirm that out-of-town guests have received invitations and settled accommodation details.

• Organise and finalise seating arrangements. 

• Follow up on the RSVPs. Aim to get the final count on who’s coming.

Get with the programme

• Plan your actual day programme and run-through.

• Be sure to inform your emcee or officiant if you have any specific readings or quotes you’d like them to incorporate into the ceremony.

• Go for food-tastings and confirm the menu with the venue or caterer.

• Purchase gifts for the wedding party.

• Start writing your own vows. Go online to get some inspiration!

• File for Notice of Marriage on the ROM portal.

• Remember to have all necessary documents on hand, and to print out a copy of the Filing Instructions which contains essential information such as the appointment date for the Verification of Documents and Statutory Declaration (VD/SD).



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1 month to go 

You’ve hit the one-month mark—finally! Here’s when to start wrapping up your planning and to start planning for any parties and rehearsals before the wedding.

Wardrobe trial

• Confirm that your gowns and those of your bridesmaids will be ready on time.

• Start breaking in your shoes so they won’t pinch on the day.

Final arrangements

• Prepare fees or gifts of appreciation for the officiant and your wedding party.

• Send out as many final payments as possible so you don’t have to worry about them later.

• Confirm all other arrangements that have not been finalised.

• Give emergency contacts to your vendors, and the contacts  of your wedding venue’s staff in case of any last-minute changes or issues.

• Fix a date for the church rehearsal (if you’re having a church ceremony) two weeks before the wedding. Notify attendants.


2 weeks to go

After eleven and a half months of prep work, now’s the time to loosen up a little! Have fun with your bridal party and let your hair down.

Dress Rehearsal

• Have a final dress fitting,with shoes, lingerie and accessories.

• Make sure to move, sit, and walk around to ensure the dress fits perfectly.

• Collect all outfits.

• When collecting your outfits, check and make sure that you’ve picked up the correct garment bag—it would be disastrous if you’d collect someone else’s outfits by mistake!

• Remember to have your gown, veil, and tux steamed or pressed before your big day!

• Have your church rehearsal and run through the day’s duties with the attendants.

• Inform venue staff of any special requests your vendors may have, such as additional space for a DJ booth, or extra furniture to place floral arrangements and dishes on.

• If you’re holding a full rehearsal and need your wedding party to be present, inform them in advance so they can block out their calendars for you.

• Practice saying your vows for a smooth delivery on the actual day.

Final prep

• Arrange for bridal flowers to be sent to your home early on the day itself.

• Clear your workload as much as possible so you can focus on your bridal prep in the last week.



Photo: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

1 week to go

With just one week left till your big day, now’s a good time as any to treat yourself to a pampering massage or relaxing getaway.

Don’t forget the little things

• Do final checks such as making sure your partner has passed the rings to the best man.

• Get your rings cleaned and polished so that they shine extra brightly on your big day.

• Pass any place cards or favours to your events manager or location staff for them to arrange on site if possible.

• If not, prepare these items to be brought on-site when you can start setting up.

• Pass the final payments to the best man to disburse to the vendor.

• Hand out gifts.

• Arrange for a bridesmaid to be by your side throughout the day – this takes the stress off you.

• Give the venue staff or caterers a final head count if you haven’t already done so.

• Ask about extra plates/ servings in case of last-minute attendees.

• Discuss alternatives or back-up plans in case of unexpected events.

Pamper yourself

• See if you and your fiance can get away for a day spa – treat yourselves to a luxurious massage.

• Get your eyebrows trimmed and shaped.

• Get a haircut and colour if desired. Stick to a trim and touch-up, nothing too drastic—now’s not the time to get experimental.

• Get a soothing facial to make sure that your skin looks radiant on your big day! 

• Finalise honeymoon details and start your packing.



1 day to go

Rest your mind and body so you’ll be able to look and feel your best on the big day.

Look and feel your best

• Eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day.

• Refrain from drinking too much water at night, which can result in water retention the next day.

• Have a manicure and pedicure. 

• Apply an overnight sleep mask before bedtime.

Final checks

• Assign a close friend or family member to accompany the photographer.

• Pass your marriage license to your wedding officiant.

• Remind your two witnesses to bring along their original NRIC (or passports, for foreigners) for the solemnisation ceremony.

• Prepare to bring any other documents or additional accessories needed for the ceremony.

• Pack and organise these items in neat boxes or bags—you don’t want to spend the morning of your wedding running around trying to find something you left behind.

• Prepare a beauty kit  with essentials to help you looking fresh throughout the day.

• Make a list of items that you’ve brought over to the venue (one for decor and accessories, the other for personal items) to minimise hassle when packing up the next day.



On the day

This is it, the big day. All that’s left is to enjoy your wedding!

Pre-wedding matters

• Let the chief bridesmaid or wedding planner take charge of everything, and get them to remind the other attendants of their duties.

• Get your veil and gown steamed or pressed early if necessary.

But most importantly…

• Relax and enjoy your wedding day!

• Try to stay off your feet as much as possible, especially if you’ll be wearing heels.

• Make sure to sneak a few bites in between the mingling & speeches—it’ll make a huge difference.

• Stay hydrated!



Before you and your now-spouse enjoy a honeymoon filled with wedded bliss, there’s the matter of getting things sorted and returned after the ceremony.

It’s a wrap

• Get your gown and tux dry leaned or returned to the rental shop.

• Return any additional rented items (car, chairs, etc).

• When returning, check the outfits with the shop staff to confirm if there are any damages. This is will eliminate any rude shocks. 

• Take note of when items are due (or pick-up timings) to avoid incurring additional late charges.

• Write and send thank-you notes to guests and vendors. The notes should be sent within 3 months after the wedding. 

• Make sure that each note has been signed off by both you and your spouse.

• Settle any outstanding bills, and issue hongbaos or tips if you (or your best man) haven’t done so already.

• Make sure that you’ve collected everything from the wedding venue. This is where the list you made the day before comes in handy—simply tick off items one by one as you pack.


Happily married

Enjoy your honeymoon and newly-wedded life!


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