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Images: Jocina & Tzu Wei’s wedding by Bloc Memoire Photography, Baohui & Zen’s wedding by Lai Yeow Kuang of Kai Picture and Alexys & Alex’s wedding by Terralogical


1) “Spend only where it matters most. Invest in a good photographer and videographer to capture moments that will last a lifetime.

Pick a beautiful location like we did, so you can save on costs needed for decoration. We spent very little on flowers!

Also, Taobao is your best friend – it’s a treasure trove for props and wedding favours.” – Alexys Tjiha


2) “Approach your wedding day with an open mind that things can change even at the very last minute. If you’re having a destination wedding, it is also important to arrive at least two – three days before the wedding to have a little downtime to relax.

And what I think is a great budget tip – keeping 20% of your wedding budget in the case of any unforeseen expenses.” – Sarah Fahy


3) “I think it is about balance: knowing what are the things that would really help achieve your dream wedding, and what are the items that are frivolous and you can actually do without.

You don’t have to compromise on your ideal wedding, you just need to know how to prioritise.” – June Tan


4) It is important to respect opinions from your elders, but we also believe in choosing what your heart leads you to. Budget-wise, we made sure to set a realistic one while not skimping on what we truly wanted. – Keli Lee


5) “To have fun while you’re at it! Think of it as a little project that you’re working on together, and always try keep things real and light.

It doesn’t always pay to sweat the small stuff! It also helps to involve your friends and bridal party early on – so everyone gets in on the fun.

It’s also a matter of perspective.  Sometimes, some things have simply got to give, so it’s important to have a sit-down discussion with your partner to prioritise.” – Huang Baohui




6) “Pick and prioritise the few keys things that are really important to you and focus on locking in those elements in first.

Too many choices and too much social media trawling can be a bad thing.

When you have decided on what you think you are going to spend, add another 10-15% to your budget for the things that you have probably forgotten.

Finally, DON’T STRESS over the little details – remain open, flexible and adaptable on the day.” – Debra Ch’ng


7) “Don’t rush into things too far ahead of the time as your taste might change over time. Take the time to find what speaks to you.” – Christabel Chung


8) “Most wedding venues provide florist partners – ensure that they replace something of equal or higher value whenever you opt out of certain elements.

Going DIY and ala-carte might be cheaper than buying packages.” – Kelvin Chua   


9) “Reuse your props! We had a set of Roman pillar floral stands for our solemnisation, and we re-used them as our photo booth to add dimension to the otherwise flat photo backdrop.” – Melissa Yong


10) “I would say to not splurge too much on your gowns. I didn’t spend much as a friend did my gown for me. I wish I had rented instead so that I don’t have to think about what I should do with it now.” – Evon Chng


11) “Keep a spreadsheet for all your expenditure for the wedding. It will help you keep track of what you’ve spent on, and what you need to check off your to-do list.

Do enquire with various vendors to find out what are the market prices out there for the services required.” – Jocina Tan


12) “Spend wisely and ask yourself if it’s a detail someone would remember after the wedding. And if it’s not, is it worth spending on?” – Lyn Kua