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Practicality can be sexy, especially when it comes in the form of peekaboo dividers that allow you to play with patterns and silhouettes. Como Point Yamu features an architectural built-in partition, but intricately carved privacy screens or boho-chic macrame curtains will also work. Either way, they offer easy room demarcations, without compromising natural light.

Design idea: Aside from screens, consider using custom-built twoway shelving to partition the space in the bedroom.

This charming and rustic suite in Blakes Hotel shows that texture is king – it all comes down to how you pull off a white-on-white look. Instead of relying heavily on greenery, get a beach-inspired bedroom with other natural materials, such as mother-of-pearl surfaces, linen fabric, and weathered wooden furniture. The room’s gossamer nets and pile of pillows make up a cosy, ethereal ambience.

Design idea: A monochromatic palette requires careful planning and curation of furniture pieces. Start by piecing together a mood board with textures you desire in the space, so that you have a good idea of the end result.

Resorts always fall back on the wood and white combination (and archetypal bedpost curtains), but what makes our island getaways truly special is the luxury of space and close proximity to nature. To achieve a similar look, keep it raw and airy: let your feet touch the hard wooden floors, get full-height windows for unobstructed views, and stick to a simple colour palette – yellow is especially vibrant and warm.

Design idea: While the resort look will always be popular with homeowners, you can opt for a modern interpretation by using furniture with clean lines and untreated finishing.

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A stunning view is your best accessory, so face your bed in the right direction. A small room like this one benefits from cleverly designed furniture, such as this customised, space saving, three-in-one bed, study and sofa. The sofa, in particular, is a clever addition – a luxurious hotel bedroom will never miss out a bedroom bench.

Design idea: Blessed with a beautiful vista? Frame the scenery with pull-up blinds or ripplefold drapes (pictured), as they will not obstruct the view.

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