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Good news for you brides: an invention you’ve probably been waiting, or hoping for, is finally here! Truly a game changer, the Bridal Buddy is a product that allows you to use the bathroom without anyone’s help. Because, who really wants to see your naked bottom while you tinkle away. Besides, we all know friendships (no matter how close you and your friends or relatives are), can only go so far. 

The genius product was conceptualised by Heather Stanlake when she was working in a bridal show. The concept is simple, as it is worn just as a slip under your wedding dress. Start by gathering your wedding dress and pick up the Bridal Buddy to bag your dress from front to back. Then, put your arms through the armholes and pull the elastic cord to tighten the bag and you are ready! The full video below shows you how. 

Honestly, the concept is so simple, we can’t believe it hasn’t been invented earlier already! Still, better late than never, right? 

Bridal Buddy retails for SGD $81.07 here and comes in two sizes: Petite and Average/Tall.