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Before you head off…

1. The right time
When planning for your trip, think about your preferred season or climate. Different seasons offer different sights and hues (for instance, green in spring, yellow in summer, red in autumn and white during winter). Also, if you’re particular about temperatures – like the heat or cold, keep those in mind too.

2. Off-peak periods
Shoulder or off-peak months like April and August are the best times to head overseas, as you won’t have to compete with hoards of tourists during the school holidays, and the temperatures in temperate countries, are generally milder then. 

3. Discuss the look, theme and style beforehand
This will help determine a smoother route while moving from venue to venue during the shoot. It’ll also help you select your wedding outfits, and confirm your makeup and hair looks before.

4. Budget
When planning your budget, don’t forget to include (on top of your photographer and makeup fees, as well as outfits): air tickets, accommodation, transportation, meals, entry fees to parks and museums, and other miscellaneous fares. We recommend Airbnb, as it’s a good and affordable option, where everyone can stay together. Car rentals, if the area is easy to navigate, are easier too, for a more flexible schedule. 

5. Cities that’re easier on the pocket
If you’ve got a tight budget, consider locations that’re cheaper to fly or travel to, and those with favourable currency exchange rates. Our recommendations: Bali, Vietnam and Perth offer lovely, scenic spots that don’t break the bank.

6. Prepare for the unexpected
Unfriendly weather as well as unforeseen circumstances may happen, no matter how well you prep yourself. Make the best out of the situation by bringing more outfit options (in case you’re unable to shoot at your preferred venue), keep an open mind, and have fun. Always have a Plan B in the event of bad weather. When we were in Melbourne in April 2016, it was pouring in the morning. So instead of shooting outdoors, we had to look for a sheltered location at one of the universities nearby, and got creative with props like umbrellas and raincoats.

Make the most out of it! See the 5 ways to have dreamy portraits even in bad weather.

7. You don’t have to bring everything there though
Things like flowers are easier to get overseas (they might offer more variety too). Do your homework before by sourcing for a reliable florist with good reviews. You can get them from forums, websites or word of mouth. See how real bride Xin Hui got her blooms in Paris, France.

During the shoot…

8. Early to bed, early to rise
Going on shoots isn’t like going on holiday (or it might be). Don’t expect to have a late start to the day where you can lounge in. Quite the opposite. You should be prepared for an early start with makeup and hair beginning before sunrise, so you can catch the golden hour (which happens shortly after sunrise). Any later, and the light will be too harsh. You do want good photos, right? 

9. Tag-along!
Don’t skimp on makeup fees! It’s better if you have your makeup artist follow you during shoots. He or she will be invaluable as touch-ups are inevitable. He or she will also provide an extra set of hands to ensure you look your best, look after your belongings, snap memorable behind-the-scenes photos, as well as take care of your other needs.

10. Don’t stress!
If you’ve got a good, experienced team with you, they’ll take care of you as well as most of the details required. Do remember: An overseas trip is an adventure you have with your team, to explore, to learn about new places and to create beautiful memories and make new friends.

Expert sources: Marie Soh, makeup artist and director of 27A Co,, and Joshua Sim, photographer with The Beautiful Moment Photography,