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Blast from the past
Remember these View-Masters that took up most of our play-time thanks to its fun visuals? Give guests something fun to remember your wedding by, by giving them customised ones filled with films of your pre-wedding photos, or generic ones filled with your favourite snaps.

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Recorded memories
Another retro idea we can all get on board with, a thumbdrive/cassette mixtape with a list of songs played at your wedding reception.

Honour your heritage
Real couple May and Andy (whose real wedding was featured in our Dec 2014 issue) gave adorable mini dim sum steamers. Its contents, two buns made up of pressed tea leaves, recognised Andy’s birthplace, Hong Kong, as well as the couple’s time spent there.

PHOTO: @martha_weddings

Sweet treats
Edible favours are always a plus in our book, and these pretty hand-painted macarons are really hard to say no to!

Green fingers
Succulents are making many appearances at weddings recently, and we’re not surprised. They make a pretty picture, and look so lovely as favours that double as place cards.

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Dutch courage
These miniature bottles photograph well, and will give guests something to toast you with.