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Photo: Erich McVey for Melissa & Rei’s wedding, Her World Brides June 2016

1. Buffer zone
As romantic as it sounds to jet off to the Maldives (or some other romantic destination) the morning after your wedding, you might want to schedule your departure a day or two later instead. This will give you some time to wind down and accept the fact that the wedding you spent so many months planning is actually over. But that’s not all! See other reasons why you should have a honeymoon or minimoon right after the wedding here.

2. Work on other projects 
Try tackling the other projects you’ve been putting on the backburner now. Send thank you cards to your guests and bridesmaids, give away leftover party favours, sift through photos you want to include in your wedding album (better still if you can include captions for them). It’s better to do it now than wait or you’ll never get around to doing it! Or, if your new home isn’t quite ready yet, think of ways to dress it up! From painting the walls to shopping for new furniture, it’s a new project you can look forward to.

3. Join a community 
When you’re planning your wedding, you are part of a tight community consisting of your vendors, bridal party, family and guests. When the wedding’s over the group will naturally disband. You can choose to do things that will give you a sense of belonging – like joining a cooking class, or even an online group. 

4. Do something wedding-related
This isn’t something we’d recommend for everyone, but we’ve had brides who’ve enjoyed themselves during the planning process so much, that they actually set up their own business! From wedding planning, to decorations, stationery and so on, you can think about starting something to help future brides-to-be, if there’s something you’re particularly good at.

5. Spend more time with your husband
Now that you’ve got more time on your hands, plan things to do, like go on dates (try these 5 alternative date ideas), or plan activities like cooking or working out. Getting married doesn’t mean you get to stop wooing each other.

6. Plan more celebrations
The partying doesn’t have to stop once the wedding’s over. Invite your family and friends over to your new place for get-togethers, dinner parties and other special occasions to celebrate your new lives together.

7. Hang out with other newly-marrieds
If you’ve got friends who’ve tied the knot around the same time, keep the excitement going by organising group activities. They’ll understand where you’re coming from, and you can all exchange wedding stories, honeymoon tips, and so on. That said, don’t neglect your single friends, too.



8. Remember that marriage is for life
While you reminisce about the great times at the wedding, always remember that it’s the marriage that’s for life. Don’t spend too much time dwelling about things that’re past and focus instead on your new husband, new life, and family.