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photo: Her World Brides Mar’18


1) Eat your greens and grains

Avoid the greasy fast food meal and have a light and healthy dinner the night before. Opt for a salad or if you must have carbs, choose healthier grains like quinoa or brown rice. As we all know, what we eat shows up on our face and bodies! 


2) Hydration – drink it and apply it

For that bouncy, natural radiance that (sadly) only comes effortlessly with youth, hydration is key.  

“Our skin needs a lot of moisture, and if you’re looking to get that dewy glow like the Korean celebrities you see on TV, lots and lots of hydration is a must. The night before your wedding, put on a mask before you go to sleep. If you have good skin, your face will glow naturally. Drink lots of water too, but only in the day, as drinking plenty of water at night will cause water retention. If you’re really thirsty, limit yourself to one to two sips.” Kenneth Lee,

“Drinking plenty of water and frequent masking is also a must. I’d recommend a great hydrating mask such as Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack EX, and a night cream like Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intensive Night Cream to load up on moisture – very important if you’ve got oily skin, or dry skin! For the former, use water-based products. If you’ve got dry skin, use both creams and serums to load up on the nutrients.” GregO Oh,

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3) Sleep like a baby

Bedtime has never been this important. Get your rest. We know the craziness of a Singaporean bride schedule – 4 a.m makeup and hair call time anyone? Your wedding day is not the day your eyebags and dark circles should make their appearances.


4) Balmy lips

Lucky for us, our humidity means chap lips aren’t that big of an issue. But for especially soft, kissable lips, find a good quality lip balm and apply it on throughout the day (or weeks/months) before, and of course, before you go to bed.


The night before your wedding: 7 beauty tips for a flawless face

photo: Her World Brides Mar’17


5) No heavy creams please

Instead of patting in a thick night cream that may make you look greasy the next day, you can consider turning to light, vitamin-packed serum. They provide just enough moisture and antioxidant power for that fresh-faced glow!

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6) Scrub it off

You know the drill, exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and dullness. Only include this step if you’ve been exfoliating regularly. Introducing this step to your skin on the night before might cause irritation if your skin is not used to it.

“If you have the luxury of it, try using baking soda as an exfoliating agent to remove dead cells twice a week. My recommended recipe? Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with water to make a paste, scrub lightly and leave on your face for about a minute and wash off. This will also help balance the PH level of your skin, which is essential to get clear, even skin.” Khai Lee,


7) Bridal mask

After you’ve exfoliated, you can enjoy a masking session – but definitely not with a new product. Stick to a facial mask product that works on your skin and wouldn’t cause unwelcomed breakouts or spots.

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