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Wedding planning can get overwhelming, sometimes even frustrating, especially when you don’t have help from professionals, or loved ones. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead of emailing every single vendor to get quotes and drawing up copious lists of to-dos and price comparisons, let Love Nest, a holistic wedding solutions vendor do the job for you.

After all, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that is meant to celebrate the beginning of a new life together with your husband, and you don’t want to mar it by feeling stressed.

Love Nest’s Chief Operating Officer, Leonard Teoh, agrees. “It is natural to be anxious about your wedding and having everything go perfectly during that day. With Love Nest, we are like a love agora. Agora means marketplace in Greek, and that is exactly what we have here. With our comprehensive list of vendors, we hope to help take some stress off brides’ wedding planning processes with quality brands that provide competitive rates,” he says.

Convenient and comprehensive

If you’ve been through the process of sourcing for individual bridal vendors, and going from store to store comparing budgets to get the best bang for your buck, the team behind Love Nest understands.

“We originally began in the bridal industry with Malena Bridal and Signature Bridal, and we are familiar with the wedding planning process through our couples.
One thing we realised from our couples is that they have to go to different stores to seek different services that they will require throughout their wedding journey.

For instance, they will go to different bridal stores and jewellery stores for their outfits and wedding bands. And that doesn’t stop there. There’s still the honeymoon, as well as preparing for their new home. (How much do couples realistically need to buy their first home in Singapore?)


“Love Nest was therefore born to support couples through their wedding journey, and to experience a more convenient wedding journey through our love agora.

They can simply come to our store at City Gate at Beach Road, or view our services through the app to see which ones are more relevant to them at any point in their lives,” says Leonard.
Affordable packages and exclusive perks

Beyond the wedding, Love Nest aims to be there for you during every step of the way, including your honeymoon, and when you purchase your first home.

“We are basically following the couple’s milestones with them, from jewellery for their engagement and wedding bands, to bridal outfits, and then interior designers, home loans, as well as smart home appliances,”
he says.


Apart from ensuring couples enjoy a convenient wedding planning experience, the team behind Love Nest feels wedding celebrations shouldn’t be exorbitant either.

Leonard says, “At Love Nest, all our partners extend exclusive prices and perks, which we then cascade to our couples. Because what we really want, is for couples to know that marriages do not need to come with a hefty pricetag, and that the wedding and the home, can be economical too.”
From aisle to home
If you’re seeking a unique wedding celebration, you’ve got it with Love Nest’s array of exclusive partners. Apart from the venue partners they work with, you won’t be able to find its bridal and jewellery vendors, as well as interior designers and home appliance partners anywhere else in Singapore.
“We have brought in, and are looking at bringing in new brands that are not available in the Singapore market. Because of that, we are able to offer more exclusive prices for our couples,” says Leonard.

Security is paramount

One of the best features of Love Nest, apart from its desire for excellence and providing convenience to couples, is its commitment to protecting their couples.

As of now, Love Nest’s home brand, Nest Lab, is working towards a Case Trust, which acts like an insurance service.

Leonard shares, “We have seen cases where people, in the process of setting up their homes, have put in large amounts of money with the interior designers.

And when their contractor’s business collapse, the couples end up not being able to get their money back. We are looking to change all of that. Here, we are able to insure their deposit; we insure the amount they put in, and provide warranties for them. This way, we hope to provide couples with the assurance that the deposits they have made, are safe with us.”



Plan at your fingertips

Whether you’re making your first appointment at Love Nest, or you’re in the midst of planning for your big day, download the Love Nest app to book appointments with any of the store’s vendors, and RSVP for Love Nest’s vendor events easily!

At the end of the day, the team behind Love Nest feels that couples shouldn’t have to worry too much about their big day.



Leonard says, “Marriages are once in a lifetime occasions, and it is natural for people to feel anxious about their impending weddings. But they don’t have to be, because they can now say goodbye to the days where a lot of time is required to physically source various vendors for their big day.”

He adds that all brides “should enjoy the process” in the lead up to one of the most happiest days of their lives, and that Love Nest’s veritable marketplace of wedding vendors will help couples “get everything settled”.


Visit Love Nest at City Gate, 371 Beach Road, #02-16. Find more information at The Love Nest app is available on iTunes and Google Play Stores.