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One of the key points to losing weight in time for your big day? Gut health. Here’s why it is important: it essentially controls what your body absorbs and discards from your everyday consumption.

With a healthy gastrointestinal tract, you can get away with tons of problems, most of them are usually uncomfortable – like bloating, gasiness, constipation and inflammation. Here are a few spices you can incorporate in your daily meals to ensure a healthy, happy gut!

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#1 Ginger 

Add a spicy zing to your meals and beverages with ginger – which also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps with digestion and soothes discomfort related to bloating and stomach cramps.


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#2 Fennel 

Not to be mistaken for a vegetable, this refreshing herb contains Vitamin C that regulates digestion and strengthens your immune system. It also effectively aids in de-bloating, and dissolving any form of stomach cramps and constipation issues.

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#3 Cumin

This earthy spice is a great remedy for bloated and gassy stomachs, and also acts as a natural laxative to solve any constipation woes.


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#4 Coriander

Add coriander to your woes to keep diarrhoea at bay. This herb contains essential oils that help the liver and bowel system function better. People who suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) should include coriander in their daily diet.

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#5 Paprika

One of the many antioixdants found in paprika is vitamin C, which speeds up collagen production that not just benefits your skin but also promotes a healthy gut. The fiery red colour that you see comes from the carotenoids found in the spice – it acts as an antioxidant and fends off free radicals caused by environmental stressors.


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#6 Cinnamon

This dessert spice is chock full of antimicrobial (an agent that kills microrganisms or inhibits their growth) benefits that reduces bloating. It also stimulates circulation in your body, efficiently making sure your skin gets the nutrients and oxygen it needs for a radiant glow. 

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