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Photo: Rachel & Po Loong’s wedding, Her World Brides March 2016

#1 Identify the bride!
The groom will have to identify one or several facial parts from his bride (i.e. her eyes, nose, lips, mole/s, and so on) – from the rest of her bridesmaids or female celebs – and put them together, to form a full picture.

Alternatively, have the groom identify his bride’s puckers based on the lipstick marks made by her and her bridesmaids. Jazz things up by including one or two male friend’s lips in the mix!

#2 Break an egg

Prepare a tray of eggs that are one half raw, and the other half hard-boiled.

Groomsmen would have to each find the hard-boiled egg by cracking it open on their heads. For those out of luck, they will end up with a face dripping with raw egg. 

This is a game that’s fun to do if you’re running out of time for your gatecrashing ceremony as the punishment is rather immediate. 



#3 Pick the real deal

A popular game idea from a Korean variety show, create a real and fake concoction of a harmless dish/drink, with the fake concoction being the “disgusting-tasting” variety.

The groomsmen would have to suss out the real and “fake” version, and consume whichever they pick. Even if they do pick the digusting version, they can still win if they manage to consume the entire dish/drink (prepped in moderate servings of course), under a certain timing.

Here are some recipes: 

– Fish sauce iced coffee (Iced coffee vs Iced coffee with fish sauce)

-Salty milk (Milk vs Salty milk)

-Vinegar Coke (Coke vs Vinegar Coke)


#4 Post-it penalty!
Write several embarrasing tasks on many multi-coloured post-its, and stick as many as you can onto each groomsmen. Give them a time limit to shake ’em all off. Those with post-its left on his suit, will have to perform the penalties one by one. See how this couple did it stylishly, here.

Photo: Michelle and Zhi Guang wedding, Her World Brides June 2017, by Ivan Tan Photography

#5 The Yoga Movement
This one is especially funny if done in costumes. Prepare a series of couple or group yoga poses on screen, and have the groomsmen copy the moves and hold the pose for at least 5 seconds.


#6 Make me up!
Pick a “makeup artist” from the group of gatecrashers, put a blindfold on him, and recite a series of instructions (tools included), for him to work on his fellow groomsmen.

Don’t forget to prepare makeup remover wipes for them though. This isn’t going to look pretty once they’re all done. See the toughest makeup removers to have on hand.


#7 Arm strength
The last task usually involves a groom reciting a list of “rules or promises” he’ll be making to his wife after marriage. (on that note, here’s advice on building a strong relationship after marriage)

Shake up the changes a little by having him recite it at the top of a human pyramid, or have two or three groomsmen lift him up with a two- or three-handed “seat”.


#8 Limbo Challenge

Take one of our childhood favourites- the Limbo Challenge to the task.

Using bamboo poles, challenge the groomsmen starting at heights of 130cm and lower the height by 20cm for each round.

The stakes on hand could either be reducing the amount of a certain dish (chilli padi, whole lemons etc) or even the ang bao amount. And in contrast, failure to pass under the pole will increase the amount.


#9 Sing her a love song
Whether the groom can pull off a tune or not, it’s always fun to have him sing something groovy. Tunes like Chen Tian Wen’s Unbelievable, Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, or the good ol’ She Bangs (by Ricky Martin, made popular by William Hung on American Idol) are bound to be hits. 

Take things up a notch by having the guys dress up in character, or bust several moves from the actual music videos.



#10 Stick your hand in

Prepare 3 to 4 covered boxes and place items such as raw squid, wet soil, cotton balls etc and hide small items among them. The task would be for the groomsmen to pick out the items in time or face a penalty.

Another similar idea would be to prepare a tray of flour and have the groomsmen use their mouths to pick out sour candies from the tray!


#11 Make your own
Instead of dreaming up a series of disgusting cocktails, have the groom and his group do it themselves. The twist? Have them pick their utensils by luck of the draw.

For instance, this group of ingenious bridesmaids asked their groomsmen to pick from a bowl, Chinese soup spoon, regular teaspoon and a ladle to determine how thick their coffee would be.

The amount of sugar will be determined by throwing the dice to see how many packets each one could have. 

A word of caution though: If you’re having the full menu of spicy, bitter, sour and sweet food items, make sure the “dishes” – though disgusting – are palatable, aren’t something anyone’s allergic to, and won’t cause any stomach upsets.

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