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organza ballgown gioielli.jpgOrganza ballgown from Silhouette the Atelier. Satin headband, from Gioielli. Photo: Her World Brides Sept – Nov 2015
  1. Always clean your dress before storing it away. 
    This applies to all other garments as well. Food and drink residue may attract moths and insects. Ensure that you dry clean your clothes to remove all food residue and invisible stains before stowing them away.

  2. If you’ve spilled anything on your gown, highlight those areas to the dry cleaner!
    This is important as sometimes, the heat required in cleaning may hasten the oxidisation process and what was once an invisible stain – like sweat stains and sugary drinks- may turn into a brownish stain that is tough to remove. Knowing what caused the stain also increases the chances of removing the stain, as the dry cleaner will be able to know how best to handle that stain. The type of fabric also affects the chances of removing a stain. Here are 7 common wedding fabrics to know

  3. Pack your dress away in an acid free storage box.
    Storage conditions matter, and putting your dress is an acid-free storage box is recommended, as it will slow down the process of discolourations, or will disintegrate more quickly than it naturally would. For customers who clean their dresses with us, we offer the added service of packing them in such a box. Prior to that, we will clean and steam the dress, pack it with acid-free tissue, and put it in the box. We do not offer this as a standalone service. Lastly, we do not seal the box permanently. This will protect your dress from dust and light, and allows it to “breathe”, and taken out easily to be refolded, which prevents permanent crease lines.

For more information on its services, go to Wedding dress cleaning services start from $200. If you’re interested in its storage boxes, please make your requests known before sending your dress in.