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In light of her one year wedding anniversary, a Singaporean bride, going by Sannie Razhel on her Facebook account, recently shared her regrets on hiring a friend to be her wedding photographer.

In summary, Sannie had wanted to show support to her friend who is a professional photographer by trade. She believed someone close to her would be able to capture the special moments of her big day better than a stranger.

Instead, her wedding photos turned out to be “less than stellar”, and have caused “profound pain and disappointment” for her. 

Here are some of the photos she posted: 

Image from Sannie Razhel’s Facebook 

Image from Sannie Razhel’s Facebook 

Image from Sannie Razhel’s Facebook 
Image from Sannie Razhel’s Facebook 

Sannie went on to share the lessons she has learnt from her “poor decision”, and how she hopes that by doing so, other couples can avoid this painful lesson during their wedding.

Here are some of the pros and cons she listed in regards to hiring a photographer friend:


– They know you so they can identify moments which are important to you

– They can draw more genuine smiles and affection from you

– Interactions will be less awkward!

– You might get a discount, but you should never demand one as it is their livelihood


-They might not perform their professional best

– Familiarity can be a double-edged sword: They may assume you only like certain looks or styles

-They will not be able to appear in the photos!

-Your relationship may be strained due to differing expectations and communication styles

– Despite paying for their services, you’ll always be attempting to not come across as a bridezilla while making requests

She also shared how you can be more discerning in order to prevent such an outcome:

– Draw up a contract. It will protect both parties should anything happen.

– Communicate: Show them samples, tell them if there are any particular scenes you want captured. They are not mind readers.

– Look at their portfolio to see if they’re a good fit for you

– If you can afford a test shoot, do it. You’ll get a clearer idea of their working style

– Pay them! Do not haggle or expect a discount. But also study market rates to understand what you are paying for

– Lastly, do not let your friendship, emotions, or guilt cloud your judgment

Relations aside, you should ultimately like your photographer’s style and creative direction before entrusting them to capture your special day.

You can see her full original post here for more valuable tips: 

The article is published with permission from Sannie Razhel.