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For brides looking to wow their guests and offer something unique and delicious, look no further than the grazing table which, according to Wynona Leach of Lush Platters, is the hottest trend in luxury catering right now. She tells us:

Wynona Leach, founder of Lush Platters.

“Originating from Australia, it’s a great alternative to canapes or pre-dinner buffets. My new business, Lush Platters, specialises in spreads brimming with luxurious food and beautiful styling. We are talking gourmet produce from Europe, Australia and Singapore including artisan cheese, cured meats, flavourful dips, freshly baked bread, premium fruit and vegetables and organic chocolate. I am a professional cake decorator and food stylist so this is a natural progression of my passion and interest. I love entertaining and each time I create a grazing platter at home, it garners such a buzz! I feel the Singapore market is ready for something different and exciting and this is an amazing way to cater to your wedding guests.”


What is the process of designing a grazing table for couples?

“I would meet with the couple or wedding planner personally to discuss the wedding plans (it can be face to face or over email/phone). They brief me on the details of the venue, number of guests, timing of the event, theme and table layout. (See your 12 month wedding planning checklist here.)

We discuss food preferences (for example, if it should be vegetarian, the types of cheese and meats they prefer). We will also make sure the food and beverages on offer pair together well.”

What influences the menu? How would the menu for a garden or cafe wedding differ from say, an elegant ballroom celebration?

“Things that would influence the menu would include: timing of the event, if other food is being served, location of the venue (indoor or outdoor), time of year, budget, style of event (casual, formal, rustic,refined etc) and number of guests. 

Say, for the timing of the event – is it around brunch time or dinner time? What time of the year is your wedding held? This may influence seasonal produce such as fruit. Our grazing tables are meant to complement a light meal, but we can also add other finger foods to make it more substantial. If there is a main meal afterwards, we’d recommend grazing portion sizes accordingly. For bigger groups, we can offer food such as whole legs of ham and even a cheese wheel tower.”


What are some of the food options couples can expect?

The staples or absolute must-haves on our menus include:

  • Artisan cheese from Europe and Australia
  • A variety of deli and charcuterie meats
  • Wholesome handmade dips
  • Assorted gourmet crackers
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Roasted and spiced nuts
  • Organic dark chocolate
  • Beautiful fresh and dried fruit
  • Good quality antipasti such as olives and cornichons
  • Gourmet condiments such as quince paste and chutneys
  • Herbs and flowers for both decoration and consumption

Any tips for couples planning a grazing table concept for their wedding

The location is an important. Given the heat in Singapore, an indoor or sheltered location away from direct sunlight is required. Putting together a grazing table is a work of art and can take between1 to 3 hours. An outdoor event would call for a simpler set-up so as not to have the food sit around for too long. 


It helps us decide on the styling and menu if the couple brings along references of their wedding theme. For example, a casual rustic setting would look great with chunky loaves of bread and wheels of cheese on wooden log slices as well as lots of green foliage. On the other hand, crisp table linen, gold plates, glass jars, florals and more refined food styling may suit a grand ballroom with an elegant theme. We often work with wedding stylists to make sure the decor flows beautifully.

Couples would also need to check with the venue to see if outside food is allowed.

Prices start from $79 for a small box, from $399 for a paddle board, and from $850 for a table. For more information, visit