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We find out more from jewellery designer Cheryl Woon about her creative process, the most popular gemstones for wedding rings, and how they ensure their clientele are well-taken care of throughout their wedding ring shopping experience.

What is your signature style for bespoke jewellery?

For bespoke pieces, I design based on the concept that every piece of fine jewellery should be created specifically for the wearer, to suit her distinctive style and personality.

What is the process for a couple looking to create a bespoke design?

At GIOIA, we create different collections for different occasions – stylish pieces to match your daily wardrobe or statement pieces for special occasions.

We focus on creating a stress-free and pleasurable experience for the client, ensuring the entire process is an enjoyable one from start to end – from selecting the gemstone to design confirmation and the final creation.

To understand the client better we have an initial discussion with them to know more about their preferences and design concepts. We then propose different and suitable creative ideas and designs for the couple.

Once the design is confirmed based on a hand-drawn sketch, we ensure that each engagement or wedding ring is contoured to fit their specific measurements.

Every ring we create is truly one of its kind in the world, and every customised jewellery tells a unique story.

What are the most beautiful gems for engagement and wedding rings – and why?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to coloured gemstones.

Some of the more popular ones are blue gemstones like Sapphire, Tourmaline and Tanzanite; pink gems like Spinel, Sapphire and Morganite, and red coloured ones like Rubies.

There are also gemstones like Paraiba Tourmaline and Padparadscha Sapphire that have unique hues – these look especially stunning in any ring setting.

Are there any specific meanings behinds some of these coloured gemstones?

Every precious gemstone has its own history, story and allure.

During the selection of the ideal gemstone, we will walk our couples through the significance behind each of the gemstones; to allow them to understand and appreciate the rarity and notable characteristics that each possess.

That way, you can be assured of choosing the gemstone that speaks most to your heart.

Some of our clients would already have a preferred gemstone in mind – whether it is their birthstone, or the colour shade of their preference, and we would make recommendations base off that as well.

GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Why customize a ring?

Customised rings, like bespoke jewellery, are special pieces created specifically for the wearer, and to be worn for a lifetime.

They are treasured heirloom pieces that are destined to be handed down and passed on to loved ones as they come loaded with meaning and significance before the start of your married life.

Besides a pleasant and enjoyable experience, couples can also be assured that the entire process will not burn a hole in their pockets!

Share with us your budget and we will find the right gemstone and design to suit your requirements.


GIOIA Fine Jewellery

“I’ve always thought that customizing an engagement ring will be very pricey and a super complicated process, but Clarence and Cheryl made it super easy for us as they are very helpful and knowledgeable. You can not only pick from the styles of the rings they have done, but also provide reference pictures you have to show them what you have in mind. They will advise accordingly and no detail is too small for them. The ring I’ve gotten has exceeded my expectations and definitely super value for money given the effort put in and quality! Really love my ring so much and this definitely not the last time Gioia will be hearing from us :)”

– Nigel and Venecia


GIOIA Fine Jewellery

“If you are looking for bespoke jewellery, this is the place to go! I had went to many different outlets over a few months and most of them are not truly bespoke but try to steer you towards their “templates”. Clarence and Cheryl were extremely patient and willing to go the extra mile to get the bespoke design that I wanted. The entire process was really great and there was constant communication on the progress. The end result was a perfect engagement ring that was much better than what I had envision. Highly recommended!”

– Malcolm and Lynn 


GIOIA Fine Jewellery

“Cheryl and Clarence are awesome! They were patient with us as we took some time to decide. Their service was great and they gave us lots of ideas and information for my engagement ring. My engagement ring was perfect and exactly what i pictured! Thank you Cheryl and Clarence! :)” 

– Chengrui and Carmen

GIOIA Fine Jewellery is located at #02-97A International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903.

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