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Third Eye Pictureworks from Shannon & Joshua’s wedding

1. How should I get in touch with the other bridesmaids?

If you don’t know them already, the bride will probably introduce you to everyone.

Add them on Facebook or create a Whatsapp group chat so you can keep in touch and plan a wonderful wedding with the other ladies!

You may want to have a separate chat with all the other bridesmaids without the bride as well, so you can plan her bachelorette party or surprises (if any).

2. How should I style my hair and do my makeup?

Make sure to ask the bride if she has preferences for how you should style your hair or do your makeup (no bright lipstick, braided hair etc.)

Most importantly, upstaging the bride on her big day is a definite no-no! So keep it sweet but simple.


All Aflutter Photography from Estelle & Oliver’s wedding

3. Do I pay for my dress?

Bridesmaids generally cover the cost of their own dress.

If you’re worried about the price, ensure that you talk it out with the bride before the dress search. This is so that she can stick with a reasonable price that everyone will be comfortable with.

4. What if I can’t go for everything (like the dress fitting, luncheons, shower, bachelorette etc.)?

When you have your own set of responsibilities, making every event can be tough.

We know you don’t want to disappoint the bride-to-be, but we’re sure she would understand if you can’t make it to an event.

Just let her know in advance if you can’t make it and offer help in other ways to make her wedding planning easier.

Most importantly, ensure sure you’re there for her on her wedding day!

5. How should I plan for the gatecrashing?

Nothing is as fun as making the groom and his groomsmen take part in hilarious activities before fetching the bride.

Think of some games and challenges, and just enjoy it! Please remember to not go overboard, or you might end up with an angry bride and/or ill or angry groom.

For tips on how to keep your gatecrashing civilised, read here.

6. Do I need to prepare a speech?

Generally, only the Maid of Honour has to make a speech. However, just check with the bride if she’d like you and the other bridesmaids to say a word or two.

You never want to go unprepared. If you’re stuck, we have some tips on how to make a toast for you.

7. What are my responsibilities on the wedding day?

Your job is to be there for the bride unconditionally on the happiest day of her life. Ensure everything goes smoothly because you never want to stress the bride out on her big day.