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Creating the wedding dress of your dreams definitely comes with its fair share of issues and sometimes the issue is not with the designer. Brides-to-be, too, can be at fault for not being prepared, or being too unrealistic with their demands.

As with any creative process that involves more than one person, it takes two and more hands to clap. Here are some pointers to heed if you want an enjoyable and fulfilling process with your designer:

1. Do your research
Like any other fashion designer, wedding dress designers are known for their unique style, aesthetic, designs and craftsmanship. You would go to designer A because he creates the most dramatic and bejeweled dress for the glam bride, while Designer B is know for her romantic tulle-and-lace creations.

So before you decide on the designer for you dress, do your research online and confirm the bridal look and style that you like. Get wedding dress references from bridal sites and magazines, and make sure you spend some time ‘window’ shopping at these designer boutiques to check out their designs and dresses. You can also get recommendations from friends whose wedding dresses you’ve admired.

Getting the right designer to create your dream dress is a big step in the right direction.  You can be sure the will be able to craft and create your dress perfectly as it’s the style they are most familiar with.

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2. Know yourself!
Your wedding day is not the right time to get adventurous with your fashion style or preferences! If you’ve always looked fabulous in curvy styles, then a mermaid dress will look best for you.  If you prefer A-line or flared skirts, an A-line number or romantic ballgown would work best.

Knowing what you look good in will make it easier for the designer to create a dress to enhance your best assets; he/she can also suggest some new ideas and styles that complement the basic silhouette. This will help make your working relationship a smooth one and also ensure that your wedding dress is something you will look great in.

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3. Wedding dress checklist
Your wedding dress should be something that reflects your personality and style. So when discussing with your designer, it’s always best to prepare a checklist of what you like/dislike. The list can include items like colour and design preferences (sleeves or no sleeves!) and even the kind of details you like (lace? crystal beading? embroidery?)

A good designer will be able to work with your checklist and design something that reflects your preferences and style. After talking to you and going through the list,  he/se might also recommend other options and alternatives that you never considered before, but which may look fabulous for you. So having a Wedding Dress Checklist is essential.

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4. Be realistic
A designer is not a magician: he/she won’t be able to create a dress if your demands are not reasonable or realistic. A made-to-measure dress requires time and effort to get it perfect. So if you’re in a rush, it best to forgo a customized designer dress – go for an off-the-rack item instead.

You will also have to be realistic about your budget; if you don’t have much set aside for your wedding dress, don’t expect a couture gown that looks like a million dollars!

As a client, you have to be reasonable and realistic when dealing with you designer. And vice versa.